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The TFD Book is Here, Hooray! Order It Now!

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Everything You Need To Know About The TFD Book!

As you guys have no doubt heard by now, TFD is releasing a book on January 2nd, 2018, called The Financial Diet: A Total Beginner’s Guide To Getting Good With Money. It’s a crash course in everything we talk about on our site and channel, and an exploration of all the ways money touches our life and how to master it, chapter by chapter. We spoke to over 20 experts featured in the book about everything from budgeting to career growth to mastering your kitchen. And in full color and beautifully illustrated, it’s the book about money you actually want to read.

The Financial Diet will teach you:

  • How to get good with money in a year.
  • How to earn more money at any job.
  • The ingredients everyone needs to keep in their kitchen.
  • How to talk about awkward money stuff with your friends.
  • How to make (and stick to!) a budget.
  • What the hell it means to invest (and how you can do it).
  • How to take care of your house like a grown-up.
  • And many, many other things!

If you would like to pre-order it, which we of course highly encourage you to do, here are the links to do just that:

And beyond just the book, we are going on tour!

We will announce more details about each stop soon, but each event — in partnership with Mint — will be an educational salon, party, and networking event all in one! We’ll be starting with our kickoff party here in NYC, and going around the country to meet the TFD community and celebrate our book. Tickets are $40 per person, which gets you a copy of our book, open bar, food, and gift bag of goodies to take home with you. We’re working with Mint to make each event not just a boring old book signing, but a party where we all get together, have some wine, talk about money, and have an amazing time!

Below are the cities we’re visiting, and the dates we have so far. We’ll be updating this with more info and links to tickets, so check back here and on our social media to look out for your city!


    • NEW YORK, NY
      Launch party at The Loft in Flatiron
      November 30th, 2017 from 7 to 10 PM 
      | SOLD OUT|
      Talk & cocktail reception at Hive Bar
      December 7th, 2017
      | SOLD OUT|
      January 31, 2018
      (Tickets on sale soon!)
    • AUSTIN, TX
      March TBD, 2018 (Tickets on sale soon!)
      March TBD, 2018 (Tickets on sale soon!)
      March TBD, 2018 (Tickets on sale soon!)

  • Gem

    For events taking place before the book release date will attendees still recieve a copy of the book?

    • chelseafagan

      Yep! Every ticket purchased gets one book copy (among other things!), and the people attending the events pre-release will be the first to get them, before they even hit shelves. 🙂

  • Mary Harman

    THIS IS AWESOME. The party component is a great way to invite your pals and get the ball rolling with talking to friends about money. I cannot wait. I will see you in Chicago!

  • Jack

    Sweeeeet. Will likely be driving down to Seattle from Vancouver and will want a carpool buddy!! YVR peeps hmu 🙂

    • Megan Stacey

      I’m flying into SEA but will happily drive back to YVR with you! I might have a suitcase though.

    • Smashley

      Oh man that’s tempting. Is your car full?

      • Jack

        I won’t be able to make it now, unfortunately 🙁

  • Congratulations to you guys!!

  • Put the Boston dates in my calendar. Congratulations!

  • Serafima Aleksandrova

    Congrats, guys! It’s just amazing. Step-by-step, article after article, you made me start believing in myself once again. Need to have this book to continue working my way from poor pockets 🙂 How can I get it (hard copy) if I live in Moscow, Russia? Thanks a lot.

    • chelseafagan

      Amazon! 🙂

      • Serafima Aleksandrova

        Can’t wait to see it 😉

  • Sarah M.

    See y’all in Mountain View! Are you going to send out notices when tickets go on sale? Also, if you don’t have a place picked in Austin, you should go to Book People. They do the best book signings.

  • Lyndsay Old

    Congratulations TFD! I’m an avid following of your Youtube channel and blog, and have recommended it to many of my friends. I’m really looking forward to reading the book! A wee suggestion to add Toronto to the book tour or future tours 🙂

    • Marisa Bachetti

      Would also benefit from a Toronto stop!

  • Megan Stacey

    See you in Seattle!!!!

  • Swati

    Can’t wait for the book!
    Will you be visiting any cities outside the US?

  • Mystyna

    Bought my Boston tickets today! Just a helpful hint… You guys should probably do another post about it since several of the dates are on sale now.

  • GemNoelle

    Can’t decide whether to buy tickets— I definitely plan to buy the book and it would be cool to meet the founders of TFD but November has been a really expensive month for me and I am nervous of going to event where I don’t know anyone 😥.

  • Susanne

    Oh wow! DC is already sold out. I dithered too long in getting my ticket 🙁

  • Elizabeth Dang

    OH NO I can’t believe the DC one is sold out! Is there a waitlist just in case of cancellations?

  • hannah33

    Is the book going to be available in paperback in the UK?:-)

  • Jakki Maxwell

    Is there going to be an audible version avaiable as well?

    • chelseafagan

      Yep! I just recorded it myself.

  • I can’t wait to hear about the LA Dates!

    • chelseafagan

      All the info is available above, you can get your ticket now! 🙂

  • Traci

    When will the Chicago tickets go on sale?! I’m seriously checking 6 times a day so I don’t miss them. 🙁

    • chelseafagan

      We’re going to be sharing them in February! 🙂

  • TLK

    come to Minneapolis!!

  • Paulina Pendarvis

    I just wanted to share how much I enjoy your blog and the videos on YouTube. I know your target audience is 20’s but I’ll be 45 in January, own a rental home and would consider myself relatively with it. However, I’ve gained a lot from watching your YouTube videos over the last year. You provide a different and fresh perspective. After watching one of your videos, I started my side hustle 3 months ago and now earn about $1k more a month with little effort. I expect that to continue to grow. It has changed my perspective on my work and money. Thank you for your wonderful information and your willingness to share your mistakes so that we can collectively learn from them.
    And I LOVED the NPR interview. 🙂
    I’d love to come to the ATL event!

    • chelseafagan

      That’s so amazing!! Thank you so much, and can’t wait to see you in ATL 🙂

    • Hi Paulina, I’m also a non-millennial who loves the site and lives in Atlanta! Looking forward to saying hi when the tour comes out way!

      • Mag

        In in the same demographic ladies. Finally, advice that is colorful and doesn’t put me to sleep. With recipes!

        • Paulina Pendarvis

          Love hearing this!

      • Paulina Pendarvis

        I hope I get to make it. I live in FL but have roots in ATL. I keep checking for dates to be posted.

  • Helen

    Hello! I wanted to ask, I clicked on the link “Tickets On Sale Here” just to see where it would lead me since I am planning on getting tickets for Austin, but it said “you do not have permission for this event” every single time. What does it mean when it say that?

  • theseus

    A question for the authors or anyone who has read the book: to what extent is the content U.S. specific? Can I get value out of the book if I don’t live in the U.S.?

  • Tina Jackson-Miller

    Dang…I am considering sending my daughters to get the book (plus a fun road trip for them, 2 hrs) in Chicago…is there any way to sign up for announcements on the dates??

  • Stacey Sommer

    I just read the first chapter on the kindle! So excited to get my copy and finish it. The first chapter was SO great and relatable. Thank you!

  • Debbie Forsberg Elam

    I love you guys and share stuff with my kids all the time. They are 17 and 20. Can they attend the San Francisco event? Blush said yes, but I wanted to check.

  • Andrea Moulding

    Portland Please?

  • Stevanie Marie Mead

    When will the Mountain View tickets go on sale? If the tickets are on sale, where is the information for the event?