The Financial Diet is a blog about personal finance and living better (without being boring). Founded by writer Chelsea Fagan in August 2014 as a personal blog to track her budget, TFD has grown into a living, breathing conversation about money, with a wide community of contributors, hundreds of personal stories, and expert testimony in everything from creating a budget to avoiding $10 office salads.

Here, you’ll find financial confessions about the secrets we never share, advice from real people who had to learn things the hard way, and passionate opinions about every choice we make on the path to Serious Adulthood. There is no mistake too embarrassing for us, and no one is too much of a beginner to learn how to take control of their lives. The Financial Diet is the place where everyone can finally shake off the money taboo.

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    Chelsea Fagan is a writer, home cook, and the founder of TFD. She is currently on the road from ‘absolutely terrible with money’ to ‘pretty good with money,’ and in the meantime, is probably panicking over an overcooked roast.


    Lauren Ver Hage is an art director and graphic designer. She works to bring TFD to life, visually. Hobbies include: combining script and san serif typefaces, designing infographics, and photographing various TFD adventures.


    Annie is TFD’s Sales & Partnerships Manager. If you love TFD, she would love to hear from you!


    Holly is The Financial Diet’s managing editor. She works to continue growing the brand that made her less afraid of facing her bank account and hopes she can do the same for someone else. She lives in upper Manhattan and tries her best not to follow dogs home.


    Mary Parisi is an avid student, writer, donut-lover, and human being. She adores being TFD’s Summer Media Fellow and hopes some of the TFD Team’s wisdom will rub off on her and secure a brighter future for her sad wallet.

  • Kaylee Powers

    Kaylee Powers is The Financial Diet’s first Social Media Fellow. She is a proud bobcat finishing her last year studying strategic communication at Ohio University, and is thrilled to put her skills to use for the good cause of helping readers empower themselves through control of their finances.


Contributor-photo1-1Chelsea, Lauren, and Holly are a big part of TFD, but their voices alone are not enough to drive a fascinating and diverse conversation about what it means to be good with money (and good at life). We are always looking to hear more stories, and to grow the network of TFD contributors. The more we talk to each other, the smarter we are.



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