10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

1. Proud to say that I whipped up this chocolate tart for a BBQ yesterday, and the French people in attendance said it was “extremely good.” I’ll take it.

2. I love the Death, Sex, And Money podcast from WNYC, and this series about student loans and “how our decisions about how to pay for education are having unexpected effects, long after graduation,” is a must to listen to.

3. A helpful article about how to organize your inbox, because this is never NOT something we all need help with.

4. I’m leaving for a vacation with my family this coming Wednesday, and I’ve been relying on packing tips like this article and this one to help me stay organized.

5. 12 Household Items and How Often You Should Actually Clean Them — so I can finally stop wondering just how long I should go in between cleaning off my keyboard.

6. I love these charming ideas for a fun DIY manicure — of the three, the polka dot one is my favorite.

7. Ever wondered why it’s so difficult to admit when we’re wrong?

8. Why your phone is (probably) your most valued gadget, and exactly why it’s vulnerable — here’s how to protect it.

9. Joe and I binge watched Netflix’s GLOW last week — it’s seriously wonderful, addictive, and well written — and I thought this was a great review of why the show works.

10. ICYMI — An awesome article written by Jane Hwangbo, that we published on the site last week, about the fundamental money rules all financially-successful know.

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