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10 Seasonal Jobs To Help You Reach Your Savings Goals

By | Friday, October 07, 2016


I’m trying to wake up earlier. I keep reading about really successful people who all wake up before the sun. I’m not that ambitious, but my alarm did go off at 7 on my day off, so I’m feeling pretty confident so far. It only gets harder when Daylight Savings ends in November and I’ll be up before the sun even if I sleep in. Then throw in the exhaustion of the holidays… yikes.

Holidays are hard; I can’t imagine them with kids. But they are also the easiest time to make extra cash. Waiting tables, delivering pizzas, putting on a Santa suit for kids at the mall — you can do so many things. If you have debt or a savings goal, I highly encourage missing out on some of the Christmas parties this year to get a seasonal job.

If you’re looking to make some extra money for holiday shopping, debt repayment, or maybe a down payment on a house, there’s no better place to start than seasonal retail positions. Nowadays you don’t even have to set foot inside a store to benefit from our tradition of consumerism. (Introverts rejoice!) From now through Valentine’s Day, you can find these opportunities and more for part-time, full-time, on-location, and work-at-home opportunities. (Note that all hourly pay is estimated via Glassdoor and hasn’t been verified by the stores themselves, because it’s rude to tell strangers what your friends make.)

1. Halloween Stores

Do you love the color black and making people cry in horror? Then this is probably the best only seasonal job for you. Pop-ups like Spirit, Halloween City, and Halloween Express are already open but some stores still have available positions. Find the location closest to you and inquire within. You can expect around $9/hr.

2. Nordstrom

If you like a good high-end retailer but aren’t willing to pay the high price tag, then this job could be a perfect fit for you. Nordstrom is hiring in-store and for coveted work-at-home seasonal staff in select cities. As a work-at-home Customer Care Rep, you’ll troubleshoot customer inquiries and provide an exemplary experience for the online customer. You can expect hourly pay to be around $15/hr., and you get a $250 bonus if you work the entire season. Not a bad gig when you throw in that employee discount!

3. Macy’s

This retail giant basically invented Christmas. Well, as we know it. So, of course, they need an army of hustling elves to pull it off. Macy hosted its first national holiday hiring event of the season in cities across the country on September 30th. The store had 83,000 openings for the holiday season (including parade staff!). You can expect around $9-11/hr. in-store depending on your position. No experience is required, but be ready to work before the store opens, after it closes, and the days after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

4. Gap

Gap brands include Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta, all of which hire seasonal sales associates. In larger stores, they also have stock associates that work early mornings and occasionally overnight. I worked for Gap for 2 years as a sales associate and loved it. Their work culture is fun and inclusive, and the store discount is great (from 10-50% when I worked there.) Added perk, you’ll always have first pick of sale items when they do their infamous 40% off everything sales (oh, sweet memories.) Expect around $9.50/hr. and an awesome work environment.

5. Famous Footwear

I wouldn’t normally think of Famous Footwear when I think of the holidays, but they have over 1,000 seasonal openings on their website. So for you shoe enthusiasts who don’t mind working for just under $9/hr. if it includes a 30% shoe discount, this one’s got your name all over it.

6/7. JC Penney + Kohl’s

I grouped these together because they’re pretty similar. Seasonal operations and sales opportunities are available at both and you can expect to make <$9/hr. Not the most lucrative options, but if you’re looking for something minimally difficult, flexible, and corporate, this might be a great fit. And when you do the math, you should walk away with a cool $1500 after the season’s said and done. Not a bad gig.

8. Best Buy

If you can’t say the words “Black Friday” without shuddering, skip this one. Best Buy, the undisputed tech champion of Black Friday, has seasonal openings for sales consultants, customer service specialists, inventory, and merchandising, so basically everywhere. All positions are described as entry level and pay just north of $10/hr. Good luck out there.

9. Amazon

The world’s largest online retailer is still hiring work from home customer service associates for their seasonal spikes. The Penny Hoarder recently let the world in on Amazon’s brand new Reserves Program, allowing flexibility where you can pick from a pool of available hours to design your own schedule. These spots obviously filled up quickly. But you can still get one of these positions if you’re willing to work a full-time schedule. You’ll get priority hours instead of what’s leftover. The call center is open from 3am-midnight PST and pay is a firm $10/hr., according to their website.

10. Liftopia

Another full-time work from home opportunity with competitive pay is Liftopia. They sell discounted lift tickets and you can work with them as a Seasonal Customer Support Representative through March helping people make reservations and sort out issues. Pay is 15 p/hr according to their website and doesn’t say if it includes discounts but you do get swag and can work in your PJ’s. So there’s that.

Jen writes about her and her husband’s journey to pay off $86,000 of debt in less than 2 years on her website, Saving with Spunk. Follow her on Twitter here!

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