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12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed

By | Wednesday, September 28, 2016


One of the things we try to do as much as possible here at TFD is listen to our readers/viewers when they tell us what they want to hear more of. And one of the things we hear quite a lot — particularly on our YouTube channel — is that we need to talk more about side jobs for people with limited time, mobility, energy, or flexibility. We constantly talk about the value of having multiple sources of income (both in terms of the financial freedom and security it provides, as well as the benefits for growing skill sets), but it’s true that side jobs are easier for some than others.

Most of us already work very hard, and not all of us have the opportunity to have another demanding job on the side, possibly requiring an additional commute or a physical commitment you can’t give. And even if you have the ability to do another job but only have a few hours a month to dedicate, you shouldn’t totally eliminate the possibility of finding a little extra income. And most of all, sometimes you’re just tired as hell from your regular job and want to just hang around in bed with a cup of tea and comfy blankets and earn some money without having to put yourself out. And you totally should! A side job can be a relaxing and convenient thing, because we live in the era of the internet, and a lot of jobs can be effectively done from bed.

We want to always be finding new and more accessible ways for TFD readers to participate in a diversified, robust professional life. Just because you may not have the time or ability to dedicate to an involved or distant side job does not mean you shouldn’t have one, and in doing research for this week’s video, Lauren and I learned that there are opportunities for nearly every category of work and skill set. So settle in (in bed, even, maybe!) and watch as we round up 12 awesome side jobs you can start this weekend from the comfort of your own nest.

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