12 Ways To Find Extra Money In Your Budget

By | Wednesday, March 23, 2016


When it comes to keeping a healthy budget, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that, like most other elements of your life, it will need a good refresh every so often. Generally it’s smart with your budget to take a look at it every six months or so and really analyze your spending and savings, not to mention adjust things when you get things like raises or new jobs. Just like our spring cleanings lead to our wardrobes being organized and full of things we actually want to wear, going through and updating your budget can ensure that all of the things being spend on are things you are actually getting something out of.


And whether it’s pre-empting yourself, like keeping big batches of cold brew iced coffee in your fridge when that summer-stroll-cafe weather hits, or taking out what isn’t necessary, like any redundant subscriptions you might have in your household, there is almost always a way to amp up any existing budget.

You might think that your current spending is as tight as it can be, but it’s still worth a reassessment to see where you’re letting even a little bit of money slip out of the cracks. (Even just changing your lightbulbs and power strips could be a big difference on utilities.)

In this week’s video, Lauren and I go through 12 easy ways to find money in your budget without having to take on a side gig (though taking on a side gig, even once a month, is always an awesome way to ensure that extra budget wiggle room). Everyone can do it, you’ll just have to be honest with yourself.

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