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3 AI Apps That Can Help You Save Hundreds Of Dollars (Or Hours)

By | Friday, October 12, 2018

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm while also dealing with some major heat in the news lately. With whispers of AI being right around the corner, it was only a matter of time until it became part of our everyday lives. While AI is far from perfect, there are quite a few companies using this new tech in ways that are shaping our future for the better. Here are three companies using AI that just might be worth trying out.

1. Lemonade

Lemonade is an on the rise for instant renters and home insurance company. With the help of Maya, Lemonade’s AI bot, the company makes purchasing insurance fast and easy. Using human interaction only through email or emergency, the company is able to price competitively. Besides being highly efficient and affordable, Lemonade has some seriously fun branding which creates a more enjoyable customer experience for insurance seekers.  As an added twist, Lemonade even makes purchasing insurance a philanthropic event. Boasting the slogan “powered by tech and driven by social good,” the company charges a small flat fee, using the rest to cover belongings. If there is any money left over, it is directed towards the user’s charity of choice. Lemonade is making changes in the insurance world by helping turn a “necessary evil” into “social good.” 

2. Root

Root is a startup car insurance company claiming to use AI to revolutionize car insurance for good drivers. You may recognize this company from Youtube, as they have invested heavily in advertising on the platform. Root is different from other insurance providers as they reject insurance norms — ignoring a user’s age, gender, and credit score, to focus primarily on the user’s driving habits.  

Users have to download the company’s app, allowing Root to monitor driving behaviors for two to three weeks. After that time, the app will have accurate data determining how well the user drives. The company will then produce a quote based entirely on that information. Root refuses to insure bad drivers, helping drive down cost for all users due to the decreased likelihood of payout for accidents. As their commercials explain, there is no reason to pay more for insurance if you’re a good driver. The company has a 75% millennial customer base and claims to save users up to 52% on their insurance.

3. Fin

Fin is a remote 24/7 on-demand personal assistant service. Fin helps anyone with internet or a smartphone have access to a virtual assistant using AI and their team of in-house assistants. Using AI, Fin gets smarter over time and learns your needs, giving you a customized experience just like using a real personal assistant — but much more affordable. Users can ask Fin to complete a slew of tasks via text, email, app, or voice message. Tasks include paying bills, booking travel and hotels, making reservations, ordering online, scheduling meetings, creating spreadsheets/doing research, and more.

Their system also integrates seamlessly with email and calendar and is more secure than any average Joe using their personal computer to complete tasks involving your bank account. Fin charges you based on the time it takes to complete your request and gives you access to a full team of assistants who can get your tasks done more efficiently and more accurately than a single VA. Users can pay per request, assign Fin part-time work, or hire Fin for full-time assistance.


Artificial intelligence is well on its way to becoming the norm, helping revitalize old tech and revolutionize old ways of thinking. While it may take some adjusting to get used to, AI is already showing to be promising in helping us save a little bit of cash and time. Now it’s your turn. Has the use of artificial intelligence helped you save money? Comment below!

Crystal Jones is a copywriter and branding strategist who thrives on helping businesses build thoughtful and strategic brands. She specializes in teaching her clients how to unleash their authentic brand voice so they can turn passive viewers into engaged followers and finally into happy customers.

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