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4 Specific Steps I’m Taking To Accomplish My Lapsed 2018 Goals Before January

By | Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What did you want to accomplish in 2018, but didn’t?

That’s the question I’m asking myself this December. Instead of peering wistfully into the new year and imagining the endless what-ifs through rose-colored glasses, I’m digging up my 2018 goals and taking a hard look at what I haven’t done (turns out I never picked up that cooking habit…) And I’m taking it a step further. I’m going to attempt to cross a few of those bad boys off the list before this year keels over! Uh-huh. Santa, put me down on the naughty list this year, because I’m creating “End of Year” resolutions.

“But wait, the year is over!” Susie cries from the crowd, *Cue “So this is Christmas” playing sorrowfully in the background* Not today, Lennon.

I know. It does feel like it’s the time of year to kick back, relax, and stuff our faces with snowflake-shaped cookies (with a ridiculous amount of frosting) as the new year rolls in. And it is, but I would also argue that now is the BEST time to set goals and actually achieve them! As of this posting, there are 18 days left in the year — just about enough time to create a new habit. Goals you create right now are likely to be SMARTer and can lend a sense of closure to the year, while also leaving you pumped up and feeling accomplished heading into the year ahead!

Here are a few of the reasons why I’m targeting End-of-Year resolutions this time around…

1. Make ‘em SMART

New Year’s resolutions are great. I’m a fan. However, I don’t know about you, but mine often devolve into blanket statements without any real plan of action behind them. More often than not, my New Year’s goals don’t follow the SMART rule and instead end up looking like a checkbox list for the perfect person. Beginning a goal, project, or habit with a clear finish line (end of year), timeline (~21 days), motivation (accomplish another goal in 2018 before it’s gone!), and with a specific intent will hopefully lead to a more specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goal. Translation? You’re more likely to actually achieve that goal, babe!

2. Light that fire

Instead of thinking about an entire year, I’m thinking about NOW with a limited amount of time remaining. What do I want to accomplish in the final days of this year before it’s gone? What is that ONE thing that I really want to do? What’s important to me right now? Not only does it add a sense of urgency, but it forces prioritization. It time-boxes the window of opportunity, which encourages the goal to be scoped accordingly. It commands the present instead of dreaming about the future. Overall, it lights a fire to get it done before the year concludes.

3. Closure on the year

I’m not a fan of goodbyes, but what better way to send this year off other than achieving something that’s eluded you for the past ~345 days? There’s a sense of accomplishment and empowerment that comes from crossing off one (or a few) last objectives for the year. It’s like tying the ribbon and putting the bow on a good present. I feel like I’m better able to close this chapter and turn the page, and can head into the new year knowing that I accomplished what I wanted to this year. Thank u, next.

4. Pump it up for the new year!

Think about it. You’re going into the new year already slaying goals left and right! Productivity begets productivity, so by that logic, you’re going to start off the new year ON A FRIGGIN’ ROLL!

Plus, you’re thinking about your goals a month earlier (before all the sugar, champagne, and Fortnite melt your brain), and can reflect on your past aspirations to inform your future goals. It’s funny, albeit a little disheartening, to look back at some of my 2018 goals and realize I’m writing the exact same ones down for 2019. Eep. Now, I can strategize a bit better when the new year rolls around.

A few of my End-Of-Year resolutions

  • Habit: Practice daily prayer + gratitude
  • Project: Clean out closet to sell & donate clothes
  • Goal: Attend 10 workout classes (I’m traveling for the last two weeks of December, so 10 will have to do!)
  • Goal: Reconnect with loved ones (holidays make this easy-peasy)

What did you want to accomplish in 2018?

Maybe it’s a letter you never sent, a relationship you never pursued, going to that workout class, or cleaning out that messy drawer in your dresser. It could be anything, big or small — but the more impactful, the better. Something that requires low effort, but has a big impact? Bingo! That’s the one.

Pick one specific goal, habit, or project you can complete in 18 days and get after it! Your 2019-self will thank you for it.

Bonnie shares her insights and stories about gaming and personal development on, in hopes of motivating other babes to “level up their badassery” and live their most authentic “Level 10 Life”! She currently works in the gaming industry and lives in the greater Seattle area.

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