4 Things To Do In The First 6 Months Out Of College

By | Thursday, March 08, 2018

The first six months after college are a truly surreal blur of emotions you never knew you’d experience and steps you never quite thought you would take. It is a learning experience for everyone, and even though it is an overwhelmingly happy time to have just graduated college, it is also just plain overwhelming.

Each member of the TFD team had a different way of dealing with all of the “new” that comes along with leaving school and venturing for the first time into the ~real world~ (although let’s be real, college is often just as hard or harder than the working world — they’re just hard in different ways). Some of the team remembers feeling relaxed and excited to embrace the months ahead that were more of a question mark than anything, while Mary, for example, who only graduated less than a year ago, came armed with 6-month-plans and budget spreadsheets to help her navigate the uncharted waters of the post-grad world. (Has she kept up with what she planned to do with her life during her first post-grad year? Stay tuned.)

Aside from the very general and obvious things you should do post-grad (i.e. get a job, save some money, begin to tackle your finances in a grown-up way, etc.), each of us here at TFD has slightly more unique advice to give. Post-grad life — in spite of what professors might be preparing you for — is so much more than just settling into a career. After you’ve spent the better part of 20 years in school, sitting in classes every day, doing homework, and only looking forward as far as the end of the semester, it is hard to picture what life looks like when it is completely open and empty and you have to fill it up with something (instead of waiting for a professor to hand you a syllabus and tell you what it will be filled with for the next 15 weeks).

This week on the TFD YouTube channel, Chelsea decided to chat with the entire team and gather all of our best advice on how to navigate the first six months post-grad. Together, we came up with a bit of a post-college to-do list — and we promise we won’t just tell you to get a job and start saving for retirement (although you really should). If you’ve recently graduated, or are a soon-to-be graduate who is feeling a little anxious about what life after school might look like, check out the video here:

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