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6 Money Habits You Must Avoid, Based On Your Personality Type

By | Thursday, September 13, 2018

It’s true what they say: no one piece of money advice is universally true for everyone. That’s because, well, no two people have the same life, and they most definitely don’t have the same personality, at least not completely. After all, we all have unique tastes, needs, and mindsets about how to approach life, and that includes the way we handle our personal finances. But while there are nuances to each of us, it’s also true that there are overarching personality categories that most (if not all) of us fit into that may accurately predict the way we behave in our day to day, how we respond to situations we encounter, and what motivates us.

No matter where you fall on that spectrum, good chances are you have a money habit that stems from your personality type that isn’t the most conducive to your overall financial health and stability. We all have them. Maybe you have a bad habit of avoiding your bank statements for months on end because it forces you to come to terms with your not-so-great shopping habits. Whatever it is, we can all benefit from reevaluating how we approach money so we do better to reach our goals and achieve financial independence. For this week’s video, Chelsea goes over six common money habits you should avoid based on your personality type. Head over to the TFD channel now to find out which one you should look out for.



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