6 Money Tools Every Lazy Person Needs

The truth? Everyone — even members of the TFD team — feels a little lazy sometimes. And you know what? It is so okay. (Some people feel a little lazy all the time — that’s okay too!) A little bit of inherent laziness as a personality trait isn’t necessarily bad, and a tendency towards laziness doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t or won’t accomplish everything you want to. In fact, leaning into your laziness instead of fighting against it (in a way that sets yourself up for failure) is a much better way to make sure you get what you want out of life. The important thing is working with the laziness, and continuing to find new and creative ways to be productive and get things done while lifting as few fingers as possible. 

The good news for all of us sometimes-lazy people: there are so many different tools, tips, and tricks that are there to come to our aid and help make the stuff that we ~ugh, so badly~ don’t want to do feel easier and more painless. Accomplishing goals like earning and saving money are undoubtedly made more difficult when you’re not in the mood to put in the necessary effort, or aren’t sure if you have the ability to accomplish what you need to effectively — that’s why these money tools are so helpful. They assist in getting your lazy ass out of its own way and helping you formulate regimented ways to build better money habits and chip away at bigger goals without having to put too much thought or work into it. 

Things as simple as automating savings, blocking off hours of the week to dedicate to certain tedious tasks that you don’t necessarily love doing, and forming relationships that can act as a financial safety-net should you ever need one are all easy and relatively painless ways to make your day-to-day financial life feel so much less stressful, and your big-picture goals feel so much more achievable.

In this week’s YouTube video, Chelsea talks about six money tools that all fellow lazy-people need to master to get started in building a strong financial future without having to put in too much active work. Check it out here:

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