6 Ways To Make Student Loans Less Scary

By | Thursday, April 21, 2016


Tackling student loan payments after college is a daunting task, regardless of whether you’re two months out of college, or eight years out of college. When it comes time to start paying, it’s hard to know what resources are available to you, or how much you should really be paying, which makes it even more difficult to set tangible goals for yourself. And unfortunately, this stress also comes with the strain of adjusting to life after college, job searching, and preparing to potentially move to a new city. That is a lot for one person to handle, so it’s completely understandable that the student loan process would come off as straight-up scary.

Luckily, there are strategies that can allow you to pay your loans in a way that works for you, and good resources at your disposable. On top of all the other financial stress though, sometimes it’s gathering these resources that seems like too much to handle. So we gathered the ways to make student loans less scary, so you can cross at least one thing off your to-do list just by watching this video. (Though we, of course, understand that some of these points may require follow-up research, but I still find it so much easier to research solutions when I know exactly what I’m looking for.)

In the video, Lauren gets #real about her student loan debt, and all the hard work she had to put in in order to pay off as much as possible before moving out of her house in New Jersey. We go through ways to motivate each other, and discuss how to take advantage of your student loan grace period. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the student loan stress that might be hanging over your head.

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