7 Things You Didn’t Know Were Totally Negotiable

When you hear the word “negotiation,” you probably think of nervously sweating through your blouse before walking into a meeting with your boss, preparing to ask for a higher salary. But there is so much more to negotiation than just what exists within the workplace.

In your mind, the word may also come with a bit of a negative connotation, and possibly even bring back memories of your mother/partner/friend aggressively haggling the price of something at a yard sale while you awkwardly stood by wishing it would end. But here’s the thing: even if it feels uncomfortable, it actually isn’t a shitty thing to do to negotiate the price of many important expenses in your life. In fact, it is often expected. And contrary to what you may believe, there is a lot more flexibility in the prices of things like medical expenses and subscription services than you may realize.

In this week’s video over on the TFD YouTube channel, Chelsea went through and listed seven things that you didn’t realize were totally negotiable. Once you watch it, you’ll never want to pay full-price for anything again. (And if you soak up all of the research and tips Chelsea throws at you in this video, you might not have to!) Check it out here:

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