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A Very Big Announcement From The TFD Family!

By | Monday, May 09, 2016


It’s been over a year since TFD moved to WordPress, slapped some ads on itself, and became a #RealBusiness. In that time, we’ve grown to be a sleek and efficient little team of four (Lauren, Maya, and — as some of you may not even know — our Sales & Partnerships Manager, Annie!), and accomplished a lot of stuff we’re very proud of together. We’re actually even growing very soon to include one more, but more on that soon. For now, we have an announcement that we’ve been agonizingly sitting on for a few months now while lawyers tittered and frittered over the details (as is often the case). As you may recall, we popped a bottle of very special champagne I’d been saving for some big TFD news all the way back in February. That was this news, so I hope you appreciate how patient and mature we’ve all been in keeping this under wraps.

So, without further ado, the news:

TFD is going to be a book!! (!!!!!!!)

We had been thinking about the book potential of the site for a bit, but wanted to make sure we were in the right place to do the kind of book we wanted. That means, because there is nothing we would buy/read/care about less than a traditional personal finance book, that we’ll be doing something beautiful and fun and unlike literally any other personal finance book in the world. The TFD book will be full-color, filled with recipes and home decor and lush graphics and closet overhauls and everything that makes talking about money possible without wanting to die. (And of course we’ll have tons of financial advice, but even that will be beautiful to look at!) We’ll also be bringing on experts for every chapter, from investing to home cooking, to make sure that our zest and curiosity is tempered by at least a little actual expertise.

We’ll be doing our book with Regan Arts, the publishing house of undisputed Queen of all things Books That Don’t Suck, Judith Regan. Regan Arts was the publishing house that ~got~ TFD the second we walked in the door and, from the beginning, envisioned a book that looks, feels, and functions like something you actually want to read and hold in your hands (or keep on your coffee table), instead of yet another boring money book that yells at you from the shelf you never take it off of. Together, we’re going to do something deeply badass: we’re going to get normal people to read a personal finance book, and to actually enjoy it.

We’re spending our 2016 running the site during the day and squirreling away on the book on nights and weekends. And no matter how much of a challenge it’s already proving to be, we couldn’t be more grateful, excited, or honored to be taking on the project. Creating this site and this community with you guys has been the most incredible privilege, and turning money into something people want to talk about has been the greatest (and most rewarding) challenge a little team like ours could undertake.

Thank you, seriously. We promise we will make a book that’s worthy of a community like ours, even if that means occasionally crying in panic over our laptops during a tweaky all-nighter to get it all done.

It would be our privilege.

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