DIY Bath Bombs: The Perfect At-Home Spa Night For Less Than $1

By | Friday, October 19, 2018

Imagine yourself at the end of a long day, slipping into a hot bath filled with gentle bubbles softly massaging your skin. Tell me that doesn’t sound like heaven! Thanks to the brilliant invention of the bath bomb, this is now possible at home. The problem with this though is that bath bombs at the store cash in around $6-$10. Each. That is one expensive bath. But guess what? How about I show you how to make an entire batch of DIY bath bombs for less than $3 total!

I thought you might be interested. Who knew that making these DIY bath bombs was so easy? I haven’t given them much thought because I was thinking that they were this complicated formula of hard to find ingredients. Wrong! The most complicated ingredient when learning how to make bath bombs would be citric acid. But really, you can find that at any health food store. What I love most about this bath bomb recipe is you can use it as a base and then add in whichever oil you like.

Admittedly this is my first real venture in the essential oil world, but I am slowly learning how amazing they are. Specifically, I am excited to try using lavender in the bath bombs for the kid’s bath at night. I also plan to make a batch using oil that is good for clearing up a cold. But I’ll have to do more research on that first. For this recipe, I used grapefruit scented oil and man, let me tell you how delicious my bath smells. It’s like I am diving into a bath full of summer! Do you see how many awesome options there are with these? The following recipe makes about 12 mini muffin size bath bombs.


1 cup baking soda

½ cup citric acid

2 tablespoons Epsom salt

3 tablespoons coconut oil

10-15 drops of essential oil of your choice

1 teaspoon water

3-5 drops food coloring

Bath bomb molds or silicone molds

The Process 

When you have collected your ingredients for these DIY bath bombs, it’s just like making cookies.

1. First, you want to mix your dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

2. In a separate smaller bowl, mix together all your wet ingredients, which includes melted coconut oil, essential oil, water, and food coloring. (Side note: When I was making this batch I did forget to add the food coloring to the wet ingredients. Womp womp. But it wasn’t a huge problem. I just added a few drops in during the mixing process and they turned out just fine.)

3. Then add your wet ingredients to the dry and mix until completely combined. You want the mixture to be somewhat dry but still hold its shape when packed together. You can try squeezing some in your hand. If it holds shape, then you are good to go. If not, add ½ teaspoon of water at a time until it reaches the constancy we were just talking about.

4. Form the mixture into any mold that you like. They do sell actual bath bomb molds on Amazon. They were a little pricey for my needs, but they do end up making a pretty shape. If you have little helpers, they will be more than happy to help pat it all into place! You can try using a cookie scoop (didn’t work great for me) or some mini or regular sized cupcake trays.

5. Let the mixture dry in the molds for at least 12 hours. Then gently pop them out. You might have to softly tap the mold to remove the bath bomb. That’s it — you’re done! Crazy easy, right?


Now you are ready to relax! Since you can make an entire batch of these for less than $3, there is no need to feel guilty using these on a daily basis! These are also the perfect gift for anyone. Really anyone is going to love these. If they like to relax, consider them sold. Have fun relaxing!

Brittany is the owner of Pennies Into Pearls. She motivates and inspires women to make small changes in their daily lives that results in reaching life goals they never dreamed possible! She teaches that living frugally is only a stepping stone when you are living the Pearl Life! You can find her weekly on her website and YouTube channel.

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