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How To Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster

By | Monday, April 23, 2018

We all can pretty much unanimously agree that repaying student loans is one of the least-fun things you could possibly do with your money. Sure, it feels great to be that much closer to having them paid off — but it still isn’t fun by any stretch of the imagination. 

We can also probably unanimously agree that having student loans paid off in full sooner rather than later is the ultimate goal. It may feel a bit out of reach, and it is hard to make that monthly payment again and again and again, not feeling like you’re getting any closer to the finish line. You are inching forward, even if you’re doing it slowly. But if slowly isn’t good enough for you, we might be able to help.

It might feel impossible to do anything more to pay off your loans any faster than you already are, especially if you’re someone who has a monthly payment that is nearing four figures. But contrary to what you may believe, there are ways to pay off your debt a tiny bit faster that won’t totally throw a wrench into your lifestyle, or require you to make gigantic financial sacrifices. In last Thursday’s video over on the TFD YouTube channel, Erin dished out three simple-but-effective tips that will help you pay off your student loans that little bit faster. If you’re ready to kick your repayment into high gear and pay off your student debt as soon as humanly possible, check out Erin’s tips in this week’s installment of the 3-Minute Guide, brought to you by Skillshare.

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