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Meet TFD’s Summer Media Fellow!

By | Friday, May 27, 2016


As many of you may remember, a few short weeks ago we set out on the journey to find our perfect summer intern (it’s called a Media Fellow here, because we are elegant professionals). And after going through a surprising (and slightly overwhelming) amount of applications, putting some of the bright-eyed/bushy-tailed candidates through some gauntlets, and having Very Important Meetings amongst the team, we have finally landed on our perfect Media Fellow.

And while we had a hard time choosing just one amongst all the amazing women we heard from, we have also, in the process, been frankly shocked at some of the shenanigans in the applications we received, which I’ll be sharing a post on later today. (I feel like essentially every “don’t do this when applying for a job” tip I’ve ever read came true and more during this little search, which makes me wonder what it must be like at huge companies that receive hundreds of applications for a single position.)

But I digress. The point is, we also received many lovely applications, and got to speak to so many young women across the country who all share a love for talking about money in a way that doesn’t suck, and being part of an internet community that doesn’t scream at you for making mistakes with your credit card. It was a really amazing experience for us, and we’re so happy to finally share with you our amazing new Media Fellow, whom we all adore.

So, without further ado, this summer’s Media Fellow is…


Mary is a TFD contributor who is smart, kind, tweets hilarious things, and also loves her dog as much as we all love Mona. And Mary wrote a little note to introduce herself to the TFD community, which we hope you’ll all enjoy as much as we did:

A recent Journalism professor of mine reminded me (more than once) “you only get three exclamation points in your entire career,” but right now I’m just so (!) damn (!!) excited (!!!) to be taking on the role of Summer Media Fellow for TFD, so buckle up for an exclamation point-filled summer!

I am an aggressively-confused (financially and otherwise) Communication major living, learning, and writing in the Nutmeg State, (or Constitution state if you want to get ~political~), Connecticut, while trying to navigate through the remainder of my college career and twenties via excessive use of Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists!

In addition to my gentle obsession with the world of words, I’m also a professional dog cuddler, certified yoga instructor, and glazed donut superfan. When I’m not writing, planning, or snacking, I can usually be found pretending to run my own blog, tweeting furiously, and posing with my dogs for insta-selfies.

I love social media, the Internet world, and the TFD community so much — I hope all of these wonderful things can eventually learn to love me back. In the wise words of Rob Delaney, “I #help thousands of millennials every time I hit ‘Tweet.’”

Here’s to a great summer, and a great summer Media Fellow!

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