TFD Viewers Share Their Worst Money Decisions

No one is immune to bad money decisions — not even the TFD team, or our wonderful (biased-as-hell but we think it’s true!) audience. Money decisions are a lot heavier than other decisions; while deciding what to have for dinner might feel just as stressful in the moment, your worst-case scenario if you pick the wrong place is that you’ll be slightly disappointed and low-key craving tacos all night when you decided to order pizza. Money decisions hold so much more weight. They really are make-or-break moments sometimes. The decision to do a seemingly insignificant thing with your money (like go on a trip you sorta-kinda-can’t-afford, or lend a few hundred bucks to your well-meaning but shitty-with-money boyfriend) could set you up for financial ruin without you even realizing it. And with so many money-choices facing us every day — What should I spend on? What shouldn’t I spend on? Which bank should I use? How much should I put into savings? Can I afford this?  — it is sometimes hard to identify if we’re doing the right thing in the moment. 

But when we look back on our financial decision-making and run through our money choices with a fine-tooth comb, it is easy to identify the areas where things went so wrongBad money decisions are universal (that’s why TFD exists, after all), and the only thing perhaps more common than the tendency to make a bad money choice here or there is the fact that everyone who does is eager to get it off their chest. That’s where we come in. 

In this week’s juicy video over on the TFD YouTube channel, Chelsea rounded up the worst money decisions made by TFD viewers. If you’re feeling a little down about your own misguided financial decision-making and want to know that you’re in excellent company (seriously — you’re in excellent company), or are just feeling curious about where other people have screwed up in the past, head over to the channel and check it out:

Image via Unsplash

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