The $3 Treasure Hunt: Dunkin Donuts Fall Treats

By | Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Not only is it the 11th week of the $3 treasure hunt, but it’s also National Coffee Day. I’m not a huge fan of national-what-have-you holidays, but the ones that offer free food are the ones I’m happy to acknowledge it. Coffee shops are a big weakness for me when it comes to impulse spending. Grabbing an iced coffee, or a donut seems like such a small, simple pleasure, and can be found for under $5, so it can often feel guilt-free. But, when I check my bank statement at the end of the week, those coffees, or small treats add up quickly. As a solution, I try to limit my coffee shop visits to once a week, or twice if I need to work out of a coffee shop. I also make sure to only get one thing (coffee, or a pastry, but not both), which typically means eating before I go.

With fall upon us, it’s difficult to resist the spending traps of pumpkin-flavored everything. And seeing as these treats come around only once a year, you shouldn’t have to deprive yourself completely. Try to only sample the treats that really pop out at you, and do so sparingly. (Or at least, that’s what I’ll be doing!) Being from Boston, the Dunkin Donuts fall goodies have a special place in my heart, and their pumpkin muffins are worth waiting all year for.

Here are the best Dunkin Donuts seasonal treats for under $3:

Pumpkin Cheesecake Square Donuts


Price: $1.49

These are relatively new, and taste a little like biting into a pumpkin pie donut. This would be a good treat to order for the whole office— especially if you can expense it.

Vanilla Chai


Price: $2.90

I’m not sure when DD forayed into the chai market, but it’s definitely a perfect fall treat. I personally find that ordering a plain tea or iced tea instead of a coffee, or any beverage that requires espresso, or foamed milk, is much cheaper.

(Pumpkin) Muffins


Price: $2.16

Like I said, the pumpkin muffins hold a special place in my heart. They’re so big that they should more accurately be called pumpkin cakes in a cylindrical shape, but from a marketing perspective, that sounds a bit bizarre. When I spring for one of these, I cut it in half and save part of it for the next day’s breakfast.

(Pumpkin) Munchkins


Price: 5 for 99 cents

Five munchkins for under $1 is one of the best priced treats you’ll find, in my humble snack-loving opinion. They are currently featuring pumpkin munchkins too.

(Pumpkin) Iced or Hot Coffee 


Price: $2.54 (medium)

Flavored DD coffees are a treat, and I always assumed the iced coffees (my beverage of choice) were much less expensive than Starbucks. However, I checked the Starbucks treasure hunt, and a grande iced coffee is $2.65. Though, admittedly, the DD one has more coffee in the medium size.

(Pumpkin) Iced or Hot Macchiato And Pumpkin Lattes




Price: $3.09

This one is out of the $3 treasure running by nine cents. DD isn’t just doing pumpkin lattes, they’re also doing pumpkin macchiatos (iced or hot). I prefer to go for the iced or hot coffee, because it’s a bit cheaper, but if you need an extra treat on a cold fall day, these look pretty delicious. In addition to the pumpkin lattes, I think you can convince them to do caramel lattes, and even a pumpkin mocha.

Bagel and Cream Cheese


Price: $2.54

This is one of the only items that doesn’t relate to fall, but it’s a go-to for under $3. Interestingly enough, their bagel and cream cheese price beat Panera’s price by almost 50 cents, according to last week’s treasure hunt.



Price: $2.64

For those of you who didn’t grow up in Boston, and have never tried a Dunkaccino with a coffee roll, I have to recommend you try the combination at least once in your life. (A Dunkaccino is a mix of coffee and hot chocolate. It’s not seasonal, but it’s perfect for chilly weather.)

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Body images via Dunkin Donuts

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