The Finances Of Love, Sex, And Surgery With Hannah Witton

Question: What do money, love, sex, and surgery all have in common?

Answer: Probably a lot of things, actually — but most notably, they are all discussed in this week’s video over on our YouTube channel. This week, Lauren returned to the channel (!!!) to sit down with author, blogger, and YouTuber Hannah Witton about a little bit of everything: the finances of getting sick, the value of expensive sex toys, the NHS, treating yourself, social media — no topic was really off limits, and we’re glad about that, because it definitely made for an entertaining and insightful interview.

A little background: Hannah is a sex educator on YouTube (with a book coming out this summer in the US, and already out in the UK!) who talks about tons of juicy topics on her channel, from sex, to love and relationships, and everything in between. She also recently underwent surgery for a chronic illness and has added the topic of healthcare to her ever-expanding repertoire.

To pick her brain about all things health, Lauren sat down with Hannah in LA to talk about the delicate financial implications of love, sex, and surgery. If you love Hannah’s channel like we do (or if you just want to learn a little more about the finances of these topics!) head over to the channel and check it out — you seriously don’t want to miss this one!

Image via Pexels

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