5 Tough Money Questions From TFD Readers, Answered

We get a lot of questions at TFD. In fact, between our various emails, our YouTube channel, our social platforms, and the comments section on the site itself, I’d say we get on average at least 50 questions a day about various money things, some well within our capacity to answer, and some that are simply over our heads. But regardless of how easy they may be for us to talk about, the sheer quantity of them means that we can rarely address them. We try our best to listen to overall audience trends about what you guys want to see more of, or questions that seem to come up very frequently. And that’s not enough, of course, but we are a teeny outfit that doesn’t have a ton of wiggle room in our day-to-day schedules.

All of that said, something we’ve been wanting to do more of is to speak with financial experts specifically to get some of these TFD reader/viewer questions answered. And Lauren and I are lucky to know Shannon McLay, owner of The Financial Gym, an NYC-based financial advising space where women (and men!) can go, get their own “money trainer,” speak candidly about their lives, have some wine, and talk about big financial stuff in a way that doesn’t feel scary. (They also do online training for people who aren’t able to go to their NYC location.)

Beyond just their coordinated names, our outfit and The Financial Gym have a lot in common — simply put, we are teams of women working to make money a more accessible and open topic. And Shannon was kind enough to sit down with us last week and lend us her expertise on some TFD questions (sourced from Twitter), that ran the gamut from budgeting advice to uncomfortable relationship dynamics. Shannon is candid, funny, and always incredibly informed, and we’re happy to share our interview with her in this week’s video, answering your most burning money questions.

Image via Pexels

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