The Treat Yo’ Self Emergency Kit Supplies You Need To Get Through The Work Week


Some days, my willpower to save money and sit my ass at home is greater than others. I usually don’t have a huge issue with knowing when to say “enough is enough,” and turn down the speed with which I’m spending too carelessly. However, it always seems as if there is an event to celebrate, a birthday to toast, a holiday to indulge in, etc. These one-off days tend to create a kind of ripple effect where, for a few days afterward, I find it difficult to rein myself back in. This is why on any given day of the month, my degree of saltiness toward spending $4 on a latte can vary greatly.

Here at TFD, we fully believe in the ability to curb one’s penchant for spending and budget our precious money more effectively. However, it does take a little planning ahead and a degree of resourcefulness to keep yourself occupied and distracted from spending in times of wEaKnEsS temptation. Below is a little graphic comprised of 11 excellent treat yo self items that can go into your very own emergency kit for when you feel like you need a little nudge in the right direction. Check them out!

Treat Yo Self Emergency Kit-01

What are your treat yo self emergency kit essentials? Of course, everyone’s kit will look different depending on what they have on hand and how many items they choose to stock up. The idea is to create a small store of physical things that can act as a visual cue to remind yourself that there are other things worth doing with your time and money. If you think creatively, you can most likely think of several dozen activities in which you can partake, which barely cost a dollar.

Feel free to share any additional ideas in the comment section below. I’ll be scouring them because I’m always in need of distractions to keep myself from spending =/ #Truth.

Top image pic via Unsplash

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  • Emma

    What would be the approximate start-up cost of creating this 12-item kit? 😉

  • Christian Gonzales

    Lauren, i love your info graphics. They make me so happy.

  • Tobi

    It’s not completely free, but Redbox movies are an awesome alternative to going to the theater ($1.50 vs $12) and they reward you with free movies regularly. Even better with one of the food/drink recommendations above!

  • jdub

    Popcorn popcorn popcorn! I can’t even begin to describe how many of my downfalls have been prevented by a big bowl of air popped deliciousness.

  • Sarah

    what a cute idea! my favorite things to have around during a treat yo self emergency are: nail polish, fancy chocolates, a good book, a fluffy robe, and a copy of pride and prejudice on dvd. 🙂

  • Perfect idea! I would add fancy chocolates to the list and perhaps a reserve bottle of wine too.

  • Kendall

    My favorite treat yo self solutions are potluck dinners with friends — we’ve gone the incredibly hodge-podge/bring whatever leftovers you have in your fridge route and they’ve still turned out delicious — and getting new music (who doesn’t have old i-tunes gift cards lying around??) to add to my running playlist.

  • Love it! Treat Yo Self! Tip Yourself! We’ve found many members use Tip Yourself as a way to reward themselves when their willpower holds on an impulse purchase. Even if they just tip themselves $2, it’s the feeling of reward that matter. Love it!

  • Might a fly-fishing rod qualify as a piece of a kit? Too extravagant?

  • Wrap any of the above suggestions (other than frozen items—ha) as a present for yourself, and put it in your closet below a sign that says “break in case of emergency.” You’ll get the feeling of getting something new, and you can thank your past self for gifting you something. Plus it’s fun to open presents!

  • Alyssa

    When I’m convincing myself to stay in I usually do my makeup super weird (thinking glitter alien babe vibes here people) take a bunch of pictures for various social media platforms/my closest friends and then wash it all off, do a face mask, etc.