10 Easy Gifts For When You Have No Clue What To Buy

By | Tuesday, December 11, 2018


You probably have that one person in your life who is impossible to buy presents for. Maybe they’re a wonderful person, but they’re well enough off that whenever they want something, they just buy it. Maybe they’re super particular about things in a way that you can’t grasp. Or maybe they’re honestly just not that jazzed by anything material.

When you’re working on a budget, getting that elusive perfect present for the person you care about can be even more difficult. And holiday gift guides aren’t helpful — they may have some quality items, but the randomness doesn’t really help when you’re buying a present for someone you know well. To help you out no matter what your budget is, Tasha is sharing her top 10 easiest gifts to give when you’re not sure what to buy on the latest episode of The Lifestyle Fix. For example, if you can think of an experience you would both love to do together, write them a nice note about how your time is the best gift you can give — a thoughtful note alone is a wonderful present, and something many people don’t receive nearly often enough! Be sure to head over to the TFD YouTube channel to hear the rest of Tasha’s awesome tips.

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