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11 Facts About Women And Money That Will Make You A Feminist

By | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

feminist_mainEver since I began my TFD # journey, I’ve become infinitely more interested in reading through statistics regarding women and money — especially millennial women. I’m curious as to whether my current financial standing (and career success) compares favorably, is average, or below average when held up against the Typical American Female. The more statistics I read through, the more I realize and understand how far women have come over the last few decades. It’s amazing when I think about what my generation has the potential to accomplish.

We have more spending power, influence over household purse strings, and highly favorable career trajectories than ever before. As I read article after article, I can’t help but feel empowered to know that so much has changed in our favor. But then I look at my own financial picture and grow concerned that I myself fit into some of the more worrying statistics that I come across online. The statistics that typically show millennial women are not saving enough and are far less prepared for a financial upheaval or retirement than our male counterparts. I read that on average we save a smaller portion of our annual salaries for our future, and we continue to get paid less than our male counterparts on top of it. Over our lifetimes, it’s imperative that we remain aware of the lingering setbacks we still have to overcome. One of the most important things we can do is ensure that we properly communicate (and are compensated for) our value, skills, and intelligence.

Here at TFD, we feel like it’s our duty to spread the facts about personal finance statistics, and equip ourselves with the right information so we know how best to use that knowledge as power to move forward. I truly believe that women can do anything, and if we band together to make personal finance a conversation that continues on loud and strong amongst us, we can take over the world. MuAhAhaHa. The graphic below is one that will help highlight the areas in which women are making progress toward equality across the workforce, and gaining independence with their personal financial health. It also shows some areas in which we can do better, so we can provide the most comfortable financial future for ourselves. It’s essential that we know where we stand, where we’re doing well, and what we can do better — then, no dream or career goal will be too big for us to achieve. These numbers should empower you, but, more importantly, remind you that we still have much left to do — and that we all must support one another in an effort to get it done.

Women & Money Infographic_v2-01

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