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14 Super-Useful Ikea Organization Products Under $10

By | Monday, February 25, 2019

Real talk: getting organized is a super hot topic right now. We can’t deny the allure and charm of Marie Kondo on Netflix — but we firmly believe her popularity is grounded in the universal truth that an organized home life feels so much better than a chaotic one. We all know how productive and soothed it feels to undergo a huge closet purge. But the hard part isn’t occasionally doing a cleanout or the random weekend spent intensely cleaning – it’s keeping things neat, tidy, and organized on a daily basis.

Some of us may be more inclined to tidiness on a daily basis, but a lot of us are in a constant battle with our internal slob. After all, it’s so much easier to just leave clothes on the floor and bathroom products on the sink instead of taking the time to put them away, right? But the more mess that builds up, the more stressful a place your home can get. And one of the best ways to battle the constant buildup of clutter is to actually have a system in place, wherein everything in your home has a proper place! Of course, organizing can get pretty expensive — but it seriously doesn’t have to be. In this week’s episode of The Lifestyle Fix, Tasha shows us over a dozen organization products that you can get for less than $10 from IKEA! Head over to the TFD YouTube channel for each of these recommendations, from bathroom shelving to super-useful spice bottles.

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