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19 People On Their Biggest Weight Loss-Related Expense

By | Friday, January 25, 2019

In last week’s episode of our newest YouTube series Making It Work, we shared what one woman learned about money and saving from losing 65 pounds:

Like so many things in life, losing weight is intricately tied with money. A lot of people end up budgeting calories the same way some might budget dollars. But beyond the obvious parallels between losing weight and saving money, there are also a whole lot of costs that come along with losing weight — some of which you may not expect.

Now, of course, not everyone needs to lose weight. We all have different bodies and needs, and the same weight on one person might feel completely different on someone else! Losing weight is completely personal, but it’s also a very common goal — and it merits discussion in a larger context. Namely, in how it relates to money. We reached out to the greater TFD community, privately and on Twitter, to hear about different people’s biggest costs when it came to losing weight. Here’s what they had to say:

1. “My skin removal surgery! I lost 155lbs (Have regained 10 that I’m trying to lose) but I had skin removal surgery almost a year ago. Before insurance, it was about $28k total. After insurance, I spent about $2-3k. (Pre-op appointments, surgery costs, post-surgery care items, etc.)” – Taryn

2. “Initially, an entirely new wardrobe (everything from underwear to a winter jacket, jeans, work clothes etc). But also, the daily maintenance of being ‘healthy’ is damn expensive. Dollar menu fast food is cheap and convenient but good, healthy, nutritious food adds up every week.” – Ashley

3. “I wasted a year of my life and dumped over $4000 into a Beachbody ‘business’ and didn’t really lose much weight. I did, however, after I quit coaching, hire an online trainer who helped me lose 25 lbs for less than $100 total.” – Melissa

4. “New clothes! There’s also a lot of temptations like the ~coolest~ new shoes/athletic brands/meal plans/workouts etc but those are NOT necessary for sustainable weight loss, just an easy trap to fall into (may make things easier for some, though).” – Emily

5. “I had to buy an entirely new wardrobe, twice! My least favorite part was having to get rid of my favorite pieces. Luckily, I was able to give everything to one of my good friends for her to enjoy! My feet also shrank and luckily my shoes worked, for her too!” – Kandace

6. “High-quality workout clothes that are designed for running/high impact (ex: Lululemon, Athleta), and physical therapy medical bills for hamstring injuries because I am new to running.” – Nancy

7. “I bought a treadmill. Lots of gym equipment. A gym membership. The only helpful investment I made was expensive and well-fitted runners (not just fancy Nike shoes, I went to a running shop and they actually found the perfect pair). -100 pounds later, I only really used the shoes.” – Alexandra

8. “When we were in college, my friend really wanted to lose weight, so she found a trainer on Instagram who lived in the UK and offered online personal training (tbh, red flag) for $800 and basically all he did was a) suggest a bunch of supplements she should buy, all of which made her vomit, b) send a meal plan that was essentially plain chicken breast cooked in coconut oil with baked sweet potatoes, and c) REQUIRE HER TO SEND WEEKLY PROG PICS IN HER UNDERWEAR.” – Marta

9. “Clothing. I didn’t lose the weight all at once, so I had to update my work wardrobe several times in a year and it was painful because I knew I still had more to lose and would have to buy new clothes again soon. As I got smaller, I did get a few pieces altered, but it wasn’t possible for my biggest sizes. Way too much extra fabric.” – Mara

10. “Not necessary but I bought a glucose and ketone monitor to help me understand how my body reacts to food.” – Avenajolica

11. “Recently after losing 15 lbs in a short time, I’m waiting to see if I lose more before I  buy more clothes. But when I do, it’ll be maybe $1,000 to get pants and dresses that fit correctly. Also, buying quality meat and veggies for two people to be able to eat every day. We pretty much only buy organic and grass-fed from Whole Foods now because the quality is so much better.” – Jess

12. “My sophomore year of college, I was talked into buying a ~$900 weight loss package that included a 6-week program (supplements, meal replacement shakes, and a liquid-only cleanse thing) and 2x a week sessions for fat blasting light therapy — this was after I stopped being active in college and gained weight my freshman year and had struggled on/off with body image since high school. Obviously, looking back now, it was a total scam and waste of money. But I/anyone else who bought the program didn’t know enough about nutrition and bodies to believe that it was a sham. Moral of the story is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to lose weight and if you are, there might be something fishy going on.” – Katie

13. “Food! The biggest contributor to my success in losing weight and gaining muscle has been proper nutrition. I’m a small person and I’m spending about $100/week on quality produce and proteins.” – Lisa

14. “Being mindful of & reducing the number of bad carbs and sugar I was eating helped me lose just over 15 lbs. It also gave me more energy. Fewer 2 PM energy slumps!” – Carly

15. “Crossfit membership ($160/month)! I wasted so much on gym fees/group classes that I always gave up on. My Crossfit membership is more expensive than those ones were, but I actually use it and keep going back because of the awesome community and have lost 25 lbs since April 2018!” –  Nicole

16. “~$200 a month on Orange Theory classes. Taught me a lot over the year and I’m grateful for that but I’ve recently canceled my membership to opt for a cost-friendly gym.” – Scavuzzo

17. “Lost 7kgs in last year. I struggle with determination. Biggest expense: hiring a gym trainer. Because for years, I would just go to the gym and stare at the wall. It paid off. Most expensive to least expensive:

  1. Gym trainer
  2. Gym wear
  3. Gym membership
  4. Diet” – Manpreet

18. “Fell while exercising. Fractured hip and wrist. Hurt shoulder. Had to meet 3 high-ded MOOPs in 15 mos. Put on weight while injured. Had to go up a size in clothes. Additional costs related to injuries. Shoulder still not fixed.” – Elizabeth

19. “A $20/month Weight Watchers membership that didn’t work ($20/mo x12 mo= $240 wasted).” – Skylar

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