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5 Terrible (But Common) Career Tips

By | Tuesday, January 02, 2018

It’s hard to navigate the professional world — especially when you’re just starting out in it. You might feel lost, confused, or stressed, and find yourself looking wherever you can for any small piece of career advice that might motivate or comfort you.

And the advice is readily available — Google “career advice” (or you can ask Jeeves if Jeeves is still around?) and you’re guaranteed to find thousands of web pages offering career tips and tricks that promise to help you get where you want to be, professionally. And most of them are probably fine — except for when they’re not.

There is a lot of utterly shitty career advice floating around out there, whether it be on blogs, in self-help books, or written in bolded Helvetica over a faded image of a woman holding a cup of coffee on Pinterest or Tumblr. And when you’re desperately seeking answers to your career questions, they might appear a lot more inspiring and helpful than they actually will end up being in practice.

Bad career tips are everywhere — the only thing you can do about it is learn how to identify them so you don’t take them as gospel. 

In this week’s YouTube video, Chelsea talked to career experts to bring you five terrible (but extremely common) career tips that you’ve probably heard before, and probably shouldn’t be listening to — and offers some advice on what you can do instead to make sure you get where you want to career-wise without subscribing to the potentially damaging advice. 

Check it out here:


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