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6 30-Day Challenges That Will Change How You Live

By | Thursday, September 20, 2018

There are a bevy of 30-day challenges on the internet, all of which claim to drastically improve your life if you just follow x, y, and z steps for an entire month. On the surface, they seem like the greatest thing to exist, and often leave you thinking, “What, I just have to do so and so for a predetermined duration of time and I’ll have the (insert whatever desirable goal you want)?!” They usually seem like a great idea at first, but one major problem with so many of them is that they require you to do something so far out from what you’re used to. Or, they demand a level of commitment that’s unfeasible or sustainable, making it difficult for most people to see them through until the end. So even with the best of intentions, a lot of us quit a couple of days into trying them out.

But while a lot of these challenges are pretty unrealistic, you shouldn’t dismiss them entirely. In this week’s video on the TFD YouTube channel, Chelsea offers a number of 30-Day Challenges that anyone can do successfully and will help you develop better habits. They aren’t asking you to give up a food group or to declutter your entire house in one go but to make small changes here and there so that by the end of it, you’ll be more motivated and a step closer towards achieving a certain goal — whether that’s a mess-free home or exercising regularly.

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