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6 Unfair Costs Of Being A Man

By | Thursday, October 11, 2018

Last week, Chelsea caused a bit of a heated conversation on the internet for the video “6 Unfair Costs of Being a Woman.” Some people interpreted it as her saying women are the only ones impacted by crushing gender norms — which couldn’t be further from the truth. There are unique financial consequences of womanhood, and it’s important that we recognize what they are so we can work on making the world a better place. But the same goes for men. They, too, deal with certain costs associated with their gender. Similarly to women, they are expected to live up to a range of social standards of what a man “should” be, many of which date back thousands of years and have gone unchallenged until recently. Those stereotypes can have lasting effects on one’s personal finances and sense of worth.

This week, Chelsea is going over some of those troubling financial realities for men in our new video. If we’re serious about creating a fair and just society, we need to assess how gender criterions affect both men and women so we can start to work out ways to level the playing field for all gender identities. Head over to TFD’s Youtube channel to find out what Chelsea discovered through her research about how men are affected by their “manhood” — and join the conversation.

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