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6 Unfair Costs Of Being A Woman

By | Thursday, October 04, 2018

Here at TFD, we’re not afraid to speak about difficult and taboo subjects. Indeed, the only way we’ll ever evolve as a culture is by having those tough conversations even when we would much rather sweep certain issues under the rug. One such topic that doesn’t get talked about enough but should is all of the ways our societal views on gender affect women in their daily lives — and that includes their personal finances. With the rise of the #GirlBoss and #LeanIn movements, there has been a lot of chatter in the past couple of years about the professional barriers that inhibit women from flourishing in the workplace. But it’s about time we have a similar discussion about the obstacles women regularly face that cost them hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a year.

In this week’s video, Chelsea breaks down six unfair costs of being a woman in America. While our nation has made immense strides towards building a more equitable society for men and women, in a lot of ways, women are still getting the short end of the stick. Of course, there are financial implications of being a man as well, but first, we really need to talk about the price of womanhood. Head over to TFD’s YouTube channel to join the discussion.


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