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7 Toxic Millennial Myths That Need To Die

By | Thursday, August 01, 2019

Even if you’ve never put a name to it, you’re definitely aware of generation shaming. You know — the very apparent bias against a generalized group of people simply because they happen to have been born during a specific time period. This very clearly affects millennials in particular. Sometimes this is apparent by condescending remarks about how young people are “too lazy” these days, and there are many even more extreme examples from articles claiming that millennials are “killing” certain industries.

Millennials are often perceived as entitled, lazy, and a dozen other unflattering adjectives by older generations. But what these generalizations don’t take into account is the world that millennials have grown up in. They can’t rely on steady corporate jobs and pensions the way certain sects of previous generations might have been able to. And while millennial values overall may differ from previous generations, that’s not to say the lives they want to build are any less valid. In fact, a lot of (generalized) millennial values stem from knowing they’ll need to rebuild a society that wasn’t made with them in mind. So, in this week’s episode of The Financial Diet, Chelsea debunks seven toxic millennial myths that we really need to stop circulating. Because for the love of god, millennials work more than full-time hours on average — so stop calling them lazy.

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