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A Note From TFD’s New Editor, Soraya Joseph!

By | Wednesday, September 09, 2020

In the words of the illustrious late rapper Notorious B.I.G:

“More money, more problems.”

On the contrary, for the optimist who prioritizes peace over profit, the opposite of this popular money mantra doesn’t quite add up to be so promising either. Less money does not equal less stress. Unfortunately, sometimes less is just… well, less. And ironically, financial freedom does come with a price.

Luckily these days, the admission fee for financial literacy is practically $Free.99, thanks to Al Gore’s internet. It’s just a matter of sorting through the clutter to find the right information that really speaks to you, and not just “at” you.

Enter The Financial Diet. Our personal filter for “Money Management 101,” made for women, by women. So naturally, as a woman myself, I’m beyond honored to be part of such an amazing and progressive team, such as TFD. 

When I started my career as an aspiring journalist 13 years ago, I always knew that digital media was the way, the light and the future. What I didn’t forecast was how awesomely diverse this future could be, and would be. The future is female. And now, I’m part of a team that brings a voice to the many women aspiring to find financial independence, whether that means starting a successful business or simply being able to afford the life they want on their own terms.

Needless to say, I’m happy to be here.

Up until my late 20s, I thought financial freedom was only afforded to me through one simple formula: work hard + save. It’s only later I learned that working smart + investing is a viable and accessible option for me too, as it is for many others.

What I admire most about The Financial Diet’s mission is their willingness to initiate a conversation on money, from a community standpoint. TFD is where financial literacy and living the life you want meet. When learning any lesson, it’s important for me to see myself in the person teaching it, which is what I think makes the TFD experience so great for readers – the writers who mirror them. I truly believe that equally as important as a message on money, is the messenger themself.

Safe conversations on mental health, anxiety, environmental factors, race, and gender disparity exist here. On the flip side, fun conversations on self-care, home improvement, food, and feng shui exist here too. At the end of the day, all of these things are contributing factors to our overall health and everyday habits — saving (and spending) included.

When it comes to debt, numbers are just the “what” of the problem. I’m more interested in the assessment of the rest. Why do we overspend? How do we better manage our money? And where do we go from here?

Having worked in the digital and media space for over a decade now has taught me two important things. One, that passion and profession can co-exist in the same space, and two, that conversation is fluid. Before TFD, I had the pleasure of curating all types of content —  lifestyle, celebs, music, and much more. I’ve also had the task of managing company budgets, with my experiences in money-handling ranging from a business level to a personal one.

It feels good to come into a space where I can combine all of my work and life experiences, in an effort to create amazing content for the millennial masses. It feels even more amazing to work with a team I’m confident about and can see myself in.

Now, I could end this on a note of — “I can’t wait to move forward on this journey of financial freedom with you all…” or something like that. But eh. I started with a song lyric, so it’s only right that I outro with one too. So in the words of Cyndi Lauper:

“Girls just wanna have fun(d)s!”

With the help of team TFD and its awesome community of contributors, I look forward to continuing to change the narrative of money, as it applies to the modern woman. 

Have pitches? Please send them my way!

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