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The Art Of Setting Mini Goals

By | Thursday, January 01, 2015

Every New Years Eve begins the same way. I wake up feeling excited to ring in the new year, inspired to work harder, become a more diligent designer, a more reliable friend, a cleaner eater, a more disciplined gym go-er, a deeper lover and a more present person. I have roughly 100 resolutions andm despite my best intentionsm they all somehow manage to fade throughout the course of the year. I know I’m not alone here – there’s an interesting read here that walks us through the psychology behind why we can’t seem to keep our new years resolutions.

I recently listened to a radio interview where the guest was discussing the importance of setting “Mini goals” at the start of each morning – small things that can be achieved throughout the course of a single day. The idea is that if we almost “train” ourselves to set and stick to reaching smaller, time sensitive goals, that diligence practiced over the long term, will help us in attainting the larger goals we set for ourselves.

I already set Mini goals for myself in the form of a daily to-do list. However, I find that to-do lists are often ineffective, because I find myself focusing attention on the things that I have yet to cross off. It’s easy for me to get overwhelmed because I usually put too much down, and end up feeling like a failure if I’m unable to cross everything off by the day’s end. But the mindset of the mini-goals feels different, in that it focuses more on the positive aspect of getting your shit together day in and day out. Reaching each goal feels like a small victory, worthy of celebration and creates a more positive sense of self.

Practicing this idea daily is something I’d like to focus on in 2015. Here’s what day 1 looks like for me!

Drink my morning cup of coffee at home by the window without doing anything else. No phone or computer.

Eat a meal at home that I prepared for myself with care.

Even if it’s getting just a few minutes of exercise like light walking or jumping rope, just get moving.

Stop to notice something beautiful. Take in that beauty & feel more present.

Take time to read something that nourishes you.

All very simple and doable goals that will help me focus on being more mindful and engaged with my daily surroundings, which is something that I hope to be better at in the New Year.

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