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Chelsea And Hank Green On Their Professional Breakup, Making Money, And Building Good Companies

By | Wednesday, September 18, 2019

As many of you know, the TFD YouTube channel used to be a part of Complexly, Hank and John Green’s production company. While that’s no longer the case, Complexly made a huge impact on helping TFD get to where it is today — and continue to grow!

Over the summer, Chelsea sat down with Hank to discuss TFD’s relationship with Complexly and clear up any confusion. Along the way, they had a wonderful, open conversation about the business of YouTube and creative work in general. One thing they talked about that many people don’t think about: how different YouTubers can and can’t go about being selective about the brands that sponsor them. Hank explains that Complexly is relatively picky with their advertisers, because they don’t believe in attaching the Complexly name to brands that are, say, unhealthy or environmentally harmful. But as Chelsea points out, there are plenty of YouTubers who don’t have the luxury of being selective, or who have trouble getting advertisers at all. Sex education channels, for example, often have much more of a chance to make money through platforms like Patreon.

Tune in for a very interesting discussion on all things YouTube, money, and planning for the future!

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