Essentials For A Perfect Movie Night At Home

By | Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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This past weekend, I went to the movies to see Mad Max (which was perfect and deranged and a total treat), which marked my first time out at the movies in a looooooong time. We scurried over to the self-serve kiosk and bought our tickets. The total? $31.50! This wasn’t an IMAX or 3D movie showing either, no. It was a plain old regular movie, and the tickets were $15 apiece. Although movie nights out rarely happen nowadays, I still felt personally cheated to have paid that much to enjoy an outing that lasted two hours.

Here at TFD headquarters, it has become a weekly ritual for Chelsea and I to make a table full of homemade snacks, sit down to watch a TV show or put on a movie, and spend the night chatting and nibbling on small plates of deliciousness. It’s something that costs us a few dollars to put together and makes us happy. I often find the weekly ritual of making homemade snacks to be more entertaining than going out to the movies. I hate having to inevitably pay inflated prices for the showing and then get cheated further on astronomically-priced popcorn and candy. I like being able to control what we eat, how it’s prepared, and what we watch. So, in thinking about the elements of any great at-home movie night, I’ve put together an little graphic that visualizes all the essentials for a perfect night in. See below!

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Here’s to enjoying your next movie night in, sipping on a bubbly drink and munching away on savory nibbles to your heart’s content.

Below are some great recipes that we use to for making our go-to homemade snacks:


Pillows via Target here and here.

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