How To Handle Money In 3 Different Relationships

Having to talk about money with other people is one of the trickiest situations anyone can find themselves in. It’s such a sensitive topic, in fact, that sometimes we do our best to avoid those discussions altogether. But no matter how hard we attempt to evade those conversations, there will eventually come a time where we have no choice but to be completely transparent with someone about our finances — whether that’s a spouse, roommate, or a family member. Think about it; most of us have some sort of responsibility at some time or another that requires us to chip in to pay for things with another person (like the mortgage with a romantic partner). In those cases, it’s literally impossible not to talk about money with the other person.

Having said that, while speaking about money with someone may be nervewracking, there are ways to mitigate that feeling. In the latest 3-Minute Guide, brought to you by Skillshare, Erin shares three key strategies for navigating different financial conversations or circumstances with other people — without damaging that relationship. The last thing you want is for something to turn sour with a close friend or lover just because of money. Head over to the TFD channel now to find ways you can lessen your chances of that happening.

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