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How To Know What You’re Actually Worth

By | Monday, September 24, 2018

“Know what you’re worth and never settle for less.” So goes the popular mantra that’s told over and over again to people trying to figure out if they are being treated fairly based on their contributions and what they bring to the table, whether that be a relationship or the workplace. It’s a common piece of advice that’s often said to someone when they are in the midst of negotiations with a new employee or are vying a promotion (and the pay raise that comes with it). While it can be quite motivating to hear, it’s also anxiety-inducing. If you don’t even know what you’re worth, how exactly are you supposed to ask for it?

In the context of the job market, everyone has a market value. It’s of vital importance to know just what your number is so you can get paid fairly for whatever job you’re gunning for or are already doing. Getting to that concrete number or a salary range of what you should be asking for from a job isn’t as hard as most people imagine, and it doesn’t take much hard math to figure out. In this week’s 3-Minute Guide, brought to you by Skillshare, Erin goes over a handful of ways you can quantify what you’re worth. Head over to TFD’s YouTube channel to find out more.

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