How We Started A Business With Zero Experience

Starting a business without any experience is impossible, right?


It seems hard to start a business, and that’s because it is hard. Starting a business is difficult, sure, and time-consuming as hell, and likely to cost quite a bit of money, too. But it is definitely not impossible, and the words you’re reading right now are proof of that.

When Chelsea and Lauren started TFD, they had no idea it could actually become the living, breathing, fully-real business it is today. It was only a few short years ago that Chelsea was tracking her finances on Tumblr and Lauren reached out to see if she could help with design — today, TFD is a real business providing every member of our team with a job that we love coming to and working at every day.

But it wasn’t as easy as it seems when written in a short, sweet paragraph like the one above. It actually took a lot of work — especially because both of them came into the #Business #World with basically zero business experience.

So, how did they do it?

Instead of feeding you the unrealistic, Pinterest-y business plan advice you might find elsewhere on the internet telling you to ~visualize career success~ and ~quit your day job to follow your dreams~, Chelsea and Lauren took some time over on the TFD YouTube channel this week to share all the details of how they started TFD with no business experience, but one big idea. If you’ve been dreaming up a business idea and aren’t sure how/when/where/if it is even possible to start, head over to the channel and find out how to start a business with zero experience:

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