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Minimum NYC Salary, How I Make Money, Go-To Meals, How To Budget: Q&A

By | Friday, September 06, 2019

It’s time for one of our favorite YouTube video formats: Ask Chelsea Anything! Every once in awhile, we like to throw the video topic reins to our audience members and social media followers. You guys always have so many questions, both on the personal finance and personal fronts. So in our most recent episode of The Financial Diet, Chelsea took the time to answer some of the questions we hear the most.

One of the questions she answers: What is the most overlooked, but important, piece of money advice out there? In Chelsea’s opinion: saving for retirement. Of course, it’s definitely not uncommon to hear about the importance of retirement savings, from investing in an employer-backed 401k to opening a Roth IRA on your own. And there’s no shortage of advice out there on the best way to go about saving for retirement, and how to calculate what you need. But we live in a fraught time when the future feels uncertain, and retirement is often the last thing on “regular” people’s minds. However, regardless of what happens to society on a large scale, we should all be hedging our bets and investing — it’s never going to hurt if you do save for retirement, but it almost definitely will hurt you if you don’t. Head over to the TFD YouTube channel to hear the rest of Chelsea’s off-the-cuff answers!

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