My $16,000 January Spending Diary

By | Monday, February 04, 2019

In the personal finance world, it’s extremely easy to find cookie-cutter advice. Track your spending, save your money, don’t buy the lattes picture about. And a lot of the time, that kind of advice applies! But it can also be difficult to apply blanket advice to your own life, especially when you don’t have an example.

It always helps to hear specific examples about how real people do money — including numbers. For instance, saving $1,000 in a short time is a lot easier for someone earning six figures than someone earning $15 an hour. That doesn’t mean we can’t listen to advice from people who do earn a lot of money. But transparent context is SO important when it comes to financial advice! That’s why we were so stoked to share Tasha’s month-long spending diary in the most recent episode of The Lifestyle Fix. Head over to the TFD YouTube channel for a breakdown of her family’s spending this past January, including their combined income and all expenses, from groceries to debt payments.

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