The 6 Key Money Decisions That Allowed Me To Build A Better Life

By | Monday, August 12, 2019

When reading about other people’s financial success stories, it’s not uncommon to find out that many, many people have gotten where they are thanks to substantial privileges. Of course, no one should ever be ashamed of where they come from. But it’s crucial to recognize the privileges and loopholes that give certain people significant legs up in life. They can be obvious, like coming from substantial intergenerational wealth and being bestowed a trust fund, or more commonplace, like having parents who can help pay for your college education. The important thing is to realize that the range of these privileges is far from “normal” for most Americans.

That’s why it’s always helpful to hear from people who didn’t have such substantial legs up in their financial journey. On our most recent episode of The Lifestyle Fix, Tasha walks us through the key financial decisions that helped her get where she is today — on track to have an 8-figure net worth by the time she retires. As many of you know, Tasha did not come from money. She’s gone from being a 19-year-old single mother making $20,000 a year to putting herself through law school to making over six figures in her 30s. But she absolutely didn’t get there by accident — her financial successes have all been the result of her own hard work and intentional decisions. For example, she’s been able to grow her income significantly, but only through making certain decisions that worked for her. She left the military in order to pursue a higher earning potential in law, and became an entrepreneur after that. Head over to the TFD YouTube channel to hear the rest of her key money decision!

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