10 Budget-Friendly Summer Getaways You Can Start Planning For Right Now

By | Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Once the weather gets a bit warmer I almost immediately begin itching to get on a plane and go somewhere and explore a new city, whether domestically or abroad. I want to take photos, meet new people, stuff my face with local fare, and simply not give a shit! Below are 10 beautifully tempting destinations with affordable airfare so that you can keep your wAnDerLuSt budget manageable, and not lose track of all your savings in the process!

1. Palm Springs, California. Flights starting from $487. This city has more to offer than flower crowns at Coachella! Lush flowers and palm trees bloom in start contrast to surrounding desert. It’s a very cool town with stunning views of California landscape. Quick city guide here.

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 3. Seattle, Washington. Flights starting from $396.
Driving the pacific coast highway anyone?! I’ve always wanted to visit this stunning city and flights are very affordable. Quick city guide here.

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3. Key West, Florida. Flights starting from $350. Key West is the definition of #relaxation, and the whole place has an incredibly chill and friendly vibe. Highly recommend it. Quick city guide here. (P.S. The Cuban Coffee Queen is NOT TO BE MISSED)

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4. Costa Rica. Flights starting from $410. I’ve only ever heard great things about the people, beaches and culture found in Cost Rica and it’s definitely on my list of places I need to see. Quick guide here.


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 5. The Bahamas. Flights starting from $339. Ah, just look at that water color. You’d have to drag me off the beach. This can all be yours for a pretty cheap airfare price. Quick guide here.


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 6. Copenhagen, Denmark. Flights starting from $679. Copenhagen was one of my favorite cities I’ve ever visited. Everyone is friendly, rides bikes everywhere, eats delicious sandwiches and basically looks like a model. Airfare is pricey but this is truly a little gem of a city and worth visiting! Quick city guide here.

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 7. Miami, Florida. Flights starting from $249. A very energetic city with surprisingly lovely beaches and plenty to do at any hour of the day. Quick city guide here.

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 8. Quebec, Canada. Flights starting from $288. Visiting Quebec feels like you’ve been transported to France while only having to pay a fraction of the cost. It has stunning architecture and the city is carved with little winding side streets. Definitely a must see when traveling in Canada. Quick city guide here.

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9. Puerto, Rico. Flights starting from $339. I honestly don’t know too much about Puerto Rico as I’ve never been there, but all the photos look incredible and the people that have visited say it’s wonderful. So go on, give it a whirl! Airfare is pretty affordable. Quick guide here.

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10. New Orleans, Louisiana. Flights starting from $256. New Orleans seems like such a fun city that I’ve wanted to visit for years. Airfare is inexpensive and from what I hear the city is a mix of beautiful architecture, vibrant culture & food and a wild nightlife. One of my favorite bloggers lives there and she has some tips for food & things to do here.

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All these destinations are totally manageable to save up for if you are diligent with putting none away each week/month and cut spending in the months before the trip. If you are willing to sacrifice your mindless weekend shopping trips at H&M and lunch outings with friends during the week, you could be one step closer to laying on the beaches of Costa Rica or soaking up the local music and culture of New Orleans.

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