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10 TFD Readers Share Their Routines For Beating Sunday Evening Anxiety

By | Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sundays in 2020 have the depression power of ten normal Sundays. This week, a handful of our readers were kind enough to share the routines they use to stave off the Sunday evening blues and start the week off right. In case you missed it, check out Chelsea’s video on her own routine for beating Sunday evening anxiety.

“I start every morning with a bit of outlining for work and updating my calendar. I have my calendar split into Finances, Social, Work, and Misc so I can keep track of everything I get done or need to do in each area. I update my net worth daily.” –Mercy

“Going to church in the morning (YouTube), drinking morning coffee and eating breakfast, working out.” –Alli

“This week the hubby has the stomach bug the toddler had last week so I set my self up for success by completing all cores to the 10th power and baking a nice seedy loaf of bread. I also watched Kronk’s new groove 2x and did a preschool lesson of color sorting Now tea.” –Cara

“I recently started journaling, also, just wandering around Target and imagining the house I’ll live in when me and my husband graduate” –Myandi

“Coffee + Reading first thing Meal plan for the week w/my wife then order grocery delivery via Whole Foods Long run (force at least 5 miles) Order curbside lunch from somewhere new Smoke some kind of meat for dinner.” –Cory

“Sunday’s are for putting away Saturday’s laundry, cleaning, prepping lunch for the week and either some YouTube/Netflix or reading time.” –Jenna

“Mealprep for weekday dinners, downloading podcast for Monday morning, CHANGING BEDSHEETS, and some fruits and movie or tv show in bed.” –Maria

– going grocery shopping first thing when  @sproutsfm opens at 7am
– doing Morning Prayer (online church) + Zoom coffee hour with friends
– calling parents
– cleaning house/folding laundry
– studying a chapter in Wheelock’s Latin
– walking the dog – prepping overnight oats”  –Trevor

“Groceries, chores, laze around until 4PM, yoga.” –Renee

“Starting my work week on Sundays. It makes Saturday into a new Sunday and doesn’t really solve anything! (Actually, it does help, I’m just being glib – I can take Sundays at my own pace and use it to try to be ahead on Monday morning. Makes Monday much more tolerable.)” –Stephonee

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