3 100-Day Challenges To Do For The Last 100 Days Of 2021

By | Tuesday, September 28, 2021

…& the countdown begins!

There’s something about a countdown that perks me right up to get up and get at it. Though I’ve since learned to better manage my time throughout the years, put me up against a tight deadline and my repressed procrastinator’s spirit will intuitively go into hustle and grind mode.

A few years back, I remember getting excited for the upcoming year — except it was October. It was a more hopeful time (ha!) and something about a New York stroll on a fall day gave me all the feels. I started looking towards my future and looking forward to January 1st to start the process of becoming my better self. Then it dawned on me that I could get ahead of my goals for the new year and actually initiate some of my projects asap (even if it was just in the planning stages). 

I’ve learned two things since then: One, that planning ahead for the new year, even if it’s as small as tweaking my mind and attitude leading up to it, reduces my chances of feeling overwhelmed and wanting to give up on my resolutions by the 7th.

Secondly, it’s never too early (or too late) to start anything you want to do now. Although that logic has been around for ages, it took me reaching a certain age to understand and embrace it.

Since then, I’ve always kept my eye open for the 265th day of the year aka the “100 day countdown” mark. Usually falling on September 22 of each year (minus leap year, of course), this is a day I initiate some small but tiny challenges that I feel are either a redemption for my missed goal initiatives that year or a precursor to my goals for the upcoming one. Either way, the idea is to finish off stronger than started, in small but effective ways.

With that said, here are three 100-day initiatives that I’m currently doing for the last 100 days of 2021. And no, it’s not too late at all to get started!

MONEY: A Dream Bank

Goal: 100 Days To $1000 Dollars

This is simple. For me, I log into my banking app daily to transfer $10 to another small checking account, every day, for 100 days. I’ve added this challenge to my Daylio daily goals and at the end of each transfer, I mark-off that I’ve completed this goal for the day. You can also track your progress on a. regular calendar, planner or a simple tracker (if you’re feeling super cutesy!)

This is probably one of my favorite initiatives because it’s actually a first for me! Though I have a savings system in place and I’m no stranger to an emergency fund, I’ve never actually had a “Dream Bank” or “F–k It” fund. Something about being specific and intentional about saving up for a small dream of mine makes it all the more real and rewarding. Although I can’t dish too much on what this dream is (shhh!) I can say that $1000 won’t entirely fund it but it’s enough to get some paperwork processed and get me started!

FITNESS: Perfecting My Pace

Goal: 100 Days Of 1 Mile / A Day

Last year, I started running a mile a day at the slow-ish pace of 11-12 minutes per mile. I increased this to two miles a day and I’ve been consistent with doing a two mile run daily, at least five times a week. However, not only has my average time to complete my two miles barely budged (it’s about 24-26 minutes in total), my average time per actual mile average has gotten worse. 

I learned that I jumped into increasing my miles before I actually perfected my pace. And to be honest, biting off more than I can chew is a bad life habit I have overall. As cheesy as this sounds, in my obsession and effort to focus on quantifying my workout, I reduced the quality of the workout and my ability to improve (which is kind of the point, no?) 

So now, I’m working on perfecting my pace by reducing how many miles I run a day. I’ve gone to just running 1 mile a day but focusing more on my breathing, increasing my speed and so forth. It has done wonders for me and my body. Though I initially felt “incomplete” at the end of my first time running only one mile, I decided to add walking for the second mile and it’s a great cool down. This has done two things: 1) it’s allowed me to actually enjoy my time outside by the second half and 2) it’s allowed me to listen to my body better and work with it and not against it.

Nowadays, everything is tracked. People love to get their 10,000 steps in before the day’s end and if you live in a city like New York, between work, daily errands and living in a walk-up, you’ll get those steps in before dinner. But something about the endorphins post-run makes me feel so ready to take on the rest of my day! Fun fact: there are approximately 10,000 steps in 5 miles so that’s some serious cardio from mindless strolling.

MIND: Self-Improvement 

Goal: 100 Days Of 10/10/10

I was recently introduced to the concept of 10/10/10 in this super helpful article by TFD contributor and mental health counselor, Skylar Hunyadi. While I won’t be repetitive and get too much into what it is and how it works, in short, the idea is carving out 10-minute intervals in your day, three times a day, to perform a leisure activity that contributes to your overall better self and health. 

There are several variations of this and you can adjust your times based on your schedule (e.g. 5/5/5). For me, I’m keeping the theme of my activities pretty much the same: I read affirming and/or learning content 10 minutes a day, three times a day. I already love to read but if I’m being honest, I can not read many self-help or inspirational books in large doses, unless they have compelling anecdotal components. However, I do enjoy affirmations and inspirational passages. I’m currently rotating my 10/10/10’s by re-reading The 4 Agreements as well as looking into more entrepreneurial-centric information online.

Are you working on any challenges or near end-of-year initiatives? Share below!

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