10 Things You Need To Read This Sunday

By | Sunday, December 16, 2018

1. I loved this installment of the advice column Hola Papi!, helping out someone who doesn’t feel like a “real” Latina because she passes as white.

2. This was a super fascinating read about the stereotype that is the Jewish American Princess.

3. “To be a fuckboy (or fuckboi, or fuccboi, etc.) is to value fucking above all, especially personal connection or commitment, such that you reliably disappoint any lover by ignoring them except under the horniest of conditions, with the bulk of your energy spent on the project of fucking many other, different people. Once a sexual relationship is attained, the fuckboy will put the bare minimum into sustaining that avenue of pleasure while cultivating the next, hoping in all for a casual harem to cycle through as he likes.” This is both super entertaining and holds a lot of truth.

4. I’m no longer in the dating world, and having firsthand experience of the “orbiting” phenomenon makes me extremely glad for that fact.

5. I cannot recommend this article about living for a week as the perfect consumerist millennial enough.

6. I loved this list of a writer’s own rules if she could re-write the rulebook for dating. (Tag yourself — I’m #4.)

7. This is so awful — Johnson & Johnson is facing extreme legal trouble for allegedly knowing their baby powder contained asbestos for decades, yet did nothing about it.

8. This is a long, horrendously sad read about a man who faces life in prison for his role in the Oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people in 2016.


10. ICYMI: I loved this post on food spending hacks that are saving one writer over $100 a month!

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