10 Ways to Feel More Together That Only Take 10 Minutes or Less

By | Monday, September 17, 2018

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1. Ban the snooze button

Is waking up to the bleating cry of an alarm one of the most low-key oppressive things about modern life? Yes. Does it feel incredible, and so right, to shut it off like it’s a call from a solicitor/sleazy ex/loan collector you’re sending direct to voicemail? Also yes. Alas, research suggests that when we fall back asleep we restart the sleep cycle, meaning the next time the alarm goes off we might be in deep sleep and feel even groggier. Reclaim those ten minutes by ripping off the band-aid, and treat yourself to a pump-up song for your phone alarm, or getting one that mimics the sunrise.

2. Add one step to your daily skincare routine

You know how in Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness is always asking the guys to “just give a few more minutes to their skin” in the morning? Probably most of us could. Your skin will be with you longer than any item of clothing or hairstyle ever will, so it’s worth investing in and, if need be, adding a step or product — be it soft microfiber towels, moisturizer, or that “special” under-eye cream that may or may not just be regular moisturizer packaged cutely in a small container (is there a verdict on this?) You can check out this TFD article for an easy four-step routine.

3.Start investing

One of the greatest luxuries you can give yourself is peace of mind — to know that you’re going to be okay not just tomorrow, and not just next year, but in ten or even twenty years. And one of the best ways to do that is to save and invest. We know it seems scary, but as it turns out, you can get started in literally ten minutes without even leaving your house. As you may have seen, we are big fans of the online investing service Wealthsimple, so we’re partnering with them to offer a special discount to TFD readers (a $50 bonus on your first $500 invested). It has a beautiful interface, there are are no minimums, and if you’re ever confused you can reach out to talk to a real person. Get started today using this link for the special bonus!

4. Review your calendar

When you’re overwhelmed, simply knowing what’s ahead can be surprisingly relieving. Take a minute at least once a week to look at your calendar and if relevant, make sure your significant other/roommate knows about any key events. If you tend to forget or run late, set multiple reminders and perhaps even schedule the time by which you need to start getting ready.

5. Prep yourself snacks

What is growing up if not figuring out how to be your own parent — even when that means dragging your kicking and screaming self to eat your veggies? Channel your inner soccer mom and get a week’s worth of healthy snacks for yourself to prevent hangry outbursts from coming on at the worst time. Boiled eggs are one of the easiest things to keep on hand for breakfast or snacks throughout the week (you can use good ol Martha Stewart’s trick if yours are turning out sad and gray). Ziplock bags of nuts, baby carrots, and other small snacks are great to have on hand as well.

6. Have an “important things” binder

It never feels good to have to rummage through three dressers filled with old mail and lint to find a paycheck or W9 when you need it. But it’s an easy fix: compile all of your important documents, (ie bank statements, medical records, etc) and put them into one folder or binder, then put that binder on a shelf where you will always know exactly where it is. Since so much is available online now, use discretion with your paper stockpiling and consider opting out of things like paper bank statements if they end up just making it harder to find the info you do need to have.

7. Consolidate your passwords

The number of passwords we all have to somehow remember now is enough to drive anyone into abandoning modern society to live in a van in the woods. As if it wasn’t annoying enough that all these accounts require different combos of capital letters/punctuation marks, all the past few years’ data breaches have made it clear that you shouldn’t really be using “your dog’s name 123” for every account you have. The solution: download a secure password app like LastPass so you can make yours complex without having to memorize them.

8. Set one of your bills on autopay

Let it be said: there is no shame in being a forgetful person. In fact, given all the information bombarding us today, it could be argued that it’s actually useful not to fill your mind with more than you absolutely need. But for things that have to happen (ie bills), autopays can be a lifesaver, and definitely worth it considering the risks of missing payments (read: late fees or dings to your credit score). Often you can set up automated payments for utilities, sometimes you can do this with rent, other times it makes sense for a credit card if you know for sure you’ll be able to pay it off each month and you’re mostly just using it to acquire rewards points.

9. Lay out your clothes at night

Yet another “be your own mom” tip that several of us on the TFD team live by. Not only does this help you get ready faster,  but it gives you the chance to check for wrinkles, cat hair, lint and the like, so you’re not noticing them with a sinking feeling as you run out the door. You can use an app like StyleBook to upload your clothes and curate outfits. Basically, the dream of every 90s girl watching Clueless.

10. Register to vote!

Even if your personal life is on lock, the onslaught of insane news these days can make you feel like you have no control over the world. Luckily, midterms are upon us so if you’ve missed out in the past now’s your chance. Many states let you do it online. It’s an investment in the future of our world. And while, much like investments in our health or money, we may not see immediate gratification from voting, knowing that we’ve done what we can for our future selves can feel extremely satisfying nonetheless.

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