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12 Effortless Changes That Will Upgrade Your Whole Life

By | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Here at TFD, we talk a lot about positive changes you can make to live better, whether that’s embracing a big home cleanout project or even taking on an exercise routine. But while these changes are worth it, they often take up a lot of one thing: effort. Trying to be a better version of yourself can be emotionally draining, and sometimes it can even be expensive. And while the more difficult undertakings and bigger goals in life are often worth it, they aren’t the only ways to make a positive impact on how you live.

In our most recent video on TFD’s YouTube channel, Chelsea walks us through 12 things you can do basically right now to effortlessly upgrade your whole life. Some of them are money-related, like simply deciding to save/invest your entire tax refund, or start checking your bank account first thing in the morning. Others have to do with improvements to your routine, like simply creating an account on your phone’s health app, or starting to plan a fun social (or solo!) activity on Mondays to start your week off on a good fit. Living a better life doesn’t mean making huge changes and becoming a different person overnight — it can simply mean making tiny tweaks here and there that add up to a lovely life over time. Head over to the TFD YouTube channel to hear the rest of Chelsea’s effortless recommendations!

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