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19 TFD Readers On The One Item They Always Keep At Their Desk

By | Wednesday, May 17, 2017

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a financially-conscious but by no means rich adult, it’s that sticking to a budget is a lot easier when you like the surroundings you’re in most often. This goes for your home life, of course, but also for your work life. Having the right things on hand at work makes your day go by a little more smoothly, and, let’s face it: having a tailored-to-you workspace means you’re going to simply be happier and more productive between 9 AM and 5 PM. With that in mind, we reached out to our readers to see what they had to say about their essentials for improving their workspace, and work life in general.

1. “Caffeinated tea! (Specifically the Pomegranate White Tea from Trader Joe’s). I’m trying to cut back on my coffee intake and this is a slightly healthier way to get an afternoon boost when I feel like I’m dragging.” — Mara

2. “A dongle! most businesses that I consult at have like 20-30 conference rooms, each with a different projector, so having a converting dongle is super important for doing my job.” — Caitlin

3. “My salt lamp! I don’t know how much trust I have in the beliefs that it purifies the air and can cure me of any ailments, but it gives off WAY nicer light than my built-in cubicle light, and it’s an awesome decoration and conversation piece. And hey, if its negative ions are adding any good energy to my office, that’s cool too!” — Vianna

4. “Regarding what I always need at work/my desk: A reusable water bottle (because I am nothing without hydration), a cool mint chocolate Clif bar, headphones, and at least one pen I genuinely enjoy writing with.” — Anna

5. “I always keep water, moisturizer, and a phone charger at my desk at work.” — Alex

6. “Since I started my job, I’ve always been looking for more monitors for my desk. I tend to keep a lot of windows open so the extra screen real estate is always needed. I’ve accrued three since I started three years ago, so we’re at a monitor per year rate…my computer claims it can’t support any more, but I’m not yet convinced I couldn’t squeeze another one in somehow.” — Peter

7. “Granny smith apple, small figurine of the David statue, Frenchie calendar <3″ — Christine

8. “Hand lotion! I used to have some from Kiehls then I realized Eucerin is 1/3 of the price and works way better.” — Margaret

9. “What I always have on my desk at work: I keep my notebook open on my desk at all times. I’ve tried digital to do lists and note apps, but nothing makes me feel more productive than physically crossing something off my handwritten to do lists.” — Bri

10. “I feel like everyone in the world tells us that drinking tons of water is the key to beauty and youth and happiness, so I always keep a nice water bottle at my desk. My favorites are the ones with straws because I tend to drink more out of those…they’re just more fun.” — Hailey

11. “My planner of my running to-dos both personal and professional. It also has all of the events that i’ve scheduled for the week (and month, and let’s be honest year because I plan that far out). It also has my weekly and monthly goals.” — Brittany

12. “I keep mint LifeSavers at my desk at all times. I always have fresh breath for meetings, and something to snack on when I’m not actually hungry, but want something anyway…Plus, my coworkers frequent the bowl, so they have to talk to me.” — Laura

13. “I have a desk fan. I have never had an office where a desk fan was not one of the first things I purchased. It is essential to me not having temperature issues at work.” — Colin

14. “Salt shaker and Justin’s almond butter packets :-)” — Julie

15. “Reusable cup. I always brought coffee from home on an insulated mug and it feels awesome to pour a nice hot coffee into the cup.” — Atinna

16. “Headphones. Sometimes I’ll sit for hrs with them on without anything even playing. It’s open floor plan & even just the blocker helps focus!” — Sarah

17. “A bottle of Sriracha. Perhaps a little passive-aggressive, but if it were in the office kitchen it would last a week…tops.” — Mackenzie

18. “Chapstick, lotion, Hydro Flask full of water, snacks which are usually from Graze, picture of my squad, London postcard, and headphones.” — Megan

19. “Water, tea, hand sanitizer, hand cream, PENS, and of course, my miniature Lego French man figurine.” — Robyn

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