5 Questions You Should Ask Someone Before You Marry Them

By | Friday, January 11, 2019

For a lot of us, being in the throes of love means you’ve found a person with whom it’s easy to escape from real life — boring conversations can wait, and nothing matters if you have each other. But we all know that, when considering building a life with someone, avoiding important, practical topics is a huge relationship no-no. And if you’re entering a marriage without being on the same page about money, that may very well come back to bite you down the line.

In our most recent episode of The Financial Diet, Chelsea spoke with personal finance expert Stefanie O’Connell — who also happens to be newly engaged! Stefanie and Chelsea (who herself got married last summer) sit down and get into everything you should ask your partner — and that they should ask you — before deciding to get married, from whether or not you should have a prenup to how to deal with each other’s money strengths and weaknesses. Stefanie also shares what happened when her partner bought her an engagement ring that was more money than she was comfortable spending, and how they handled that as a couple. Head over to the TFD YouTube channel to hear the rest of their great advice!

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