6 Bad Money Habits Your Phone Can Fix

If you’re reading this, you probably have a phone. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance you’re actually reading this on your phone. (If you’re not, there’s a pretty damn good chance it is close to you — we never stray too far from our phones.) And if you’re a younger person reading this, you’ve probably heard some variation of you darn millennials and your dang smartphones, put that robot machine away and see the world!!! before, and chances are, you’re sick of hearing shit like that. If you, like us, have read your share of articles online about how millennials check their phones however many times per minute and how it is Bad For Society for some reason that no one has scientifically proven, you might be tired of hearing exclusively about why one of the most impressive and useful pieces of technology ever created is “bad.”

And while, yes, even here at TFD we understand and often talk about how overusing a phone might be a gateway to certain problems (like social media obsessions, aspirational FOMO spending, or the weird sense of loneliness you get after a day of speaking to nobody but the little pals living inside your iPhone), we also have to recognize all the good that these little machines can do for us. 

Having a phone in your pocket gives you quick and easy access to so many apps and technologies right at your fingertips that actually might help you fix some of your worst money habits. If you’ve ever pulled up a coupon app in a store to get a few bucks off of your purchase, having access to your phone is quite literally saving you money. So, in this week’s video over on the TFD YouTube channel, Chelsea talks us through six bad money habits that can actually be fixed by using your phone. If you want to learn how to use your phone to your advantage (rather than just to text a random series of emojis to your best friend when you’re bored at work), head over to the channel and check it out: 

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